bod Breakfast Croisants

Breakfast Croissants

Breakfast Croissants

Make up a batch, store in the freezer, to be heated for breakfast on the run.


The following recipe will make 18 individual sandwiches

  • 2lbs. of sausage, sliced into 18 patties
  • 18 large Croissant rolls
  • 2 dozen fresh home grown eggs, scrambled
  • 1 lb. Deli sliced American Cheese
  • Skillet for cooking the sausage patties
  • One or more egg forms to make egg patties
  • One or more frying pans to cook egg patties
  • Sandwich size ziplock baggies

Scramble the eggs. Pre-heat the pans. Poor a thin layer of egg mix into the center of the egg form. Do not overfill.

Using an Egg form


When you think the egg is set gently lift up the handle of the form. If the egg seeps out it needs more cooking time. Once the egg is set it will hold its shape then you can remove the mold. Turn the egg patty over once to cook the other side.

Using an Egg form
Using an Egg form
The mold helps form a perfect sandwich size egg patty
 Use a butter knife to separate the egg from the mold
Cook the sausage patty. Assemble sausage, egg, & cheeze
Cool all elements before essembly, if freezing
Using an Egg form
cooking in bulk
 Freeze in individual ziplock sandwich bags
Breakfast on the go, afternoon or evening snack, just reheat

Quality makes a difference

I prefer the molds on the left because they will work well even on a warped pan whereas the metal ones on the right will not mold to the shape of the pan and the egg will seep out under the cracks. Plus the handles on the rubber-like molds can easily be turned down for easy storage in a drawer. I never was impressed with the cheap metal ones. In my oppinion they are pretty much useless.

Egg Molds
Egg Molds
Rubber-like egg molds 
Cheap metal egg molds 


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