bod Buckeye Brownies

Buckeye Brownies

Buckeye Brownies

Buckeye Brownies

For those who love the combination of peanutbutter and chocolate. They look like cookies but the batter is made of soft brownies. The recipe I developed this from called for a boxed brownie recipe but I never cook from pre-packaged foods. I used my own homemade brownie recipe (single batch). Click on the lnk for the brownies and a new window will open so you can easily come back to this page to finish the recipe.


This recipe makes 20 cookies

Brownie Mix

Mix the Brownie Recipe and then add to it

  • 4 ounces (1/2 package) Philadelpia Creamed Cheese

Spoon brownie balls onto a baking stone. Bake for 12 minutes at 350°

I prefer baking cookies on a stone because they bake evenly on a stone.

While the cookies are baking prepare the peanutbutter mixture and melt the chocolate.

Buckeye Brownies Buckeye Brownies
Brownie Cookies
Peanutbutter Balls

Peanutbutter Mix

Cream together the following:

  • 1 Cup Creamy Peanutbutter
  • 1 Cup Powdered Sugar

Form 20 peanutbutter balls and place on waxed paper.  As soon as brownie/cookies are baked fresh out of the oven, press a peanutbutter ball in the center of each. The peanutbutter balls will soften slightly. Let cookies set on the baking stone 5 minutes before removing from baking stone to a cooling rack. Top with a small amount melted chocolate


Buckeye Brownies Buckeye Brownies

Chocolate Topping

  • 10 ounces chocolate

Melt chocolate in double broiler.

I have used un-sweatened dark chocolate bars and dark chocolate morsels. Both take some time to firm up. The next day the cookies were firm. I preferred the un-sweatened dark chocolate bars, when firm it was still soft enought to bite but the morsels made a very hard topping once firm.


Health Tip: Some people use microwave but I have stopped using microwaves all together because they basically kill the nutritional value of your food plus expose you to more radiation than most other sources. My husband and son used to work at a nuclear power plants and had to wear a detector that measures the amount of radiation they were exposed to. My son observed higher readings on his monitor when around a running microwave than all the time spent at the nuclear power plants.


Buckeye Brownies

Store cookies in an air tight container in single layer.




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