bod Damon's Birth Story

Damon's Birth Story

Posted by Rachel Carmona on 23 October 2014 | Add a Comment

Damon's Birth Story


1st BirthdayToday, my first born son, Damon is 1 year old so I wanted to document his birth. It seems much longer though because I carried him inside me for 9 months. I have to admit though, when I first realized I might be pregnant, I cried. Not because I did not want a child, but because I thought I was not yet ready to raise one. I reminded myself that God does not put us through anything we can not handle. So, obviously God knew I was ready enough.


Once it was confirmed that I was indeed pregnant I was so excited. But I felt like I only had 9 months to prepare, just 9 months to read everything I could and learn as much information as I could cram into my brain about pregnancy, birthing, and caring for a baby. I quickly realized that I was not going to know it all in just 9 months and that I would just have to take it one day at a time.



The first 3 months were most miserable as I expected.  I lost 15 pounds because I could not eat anything or rather I could not keep anything down. I had no energy and often cried about nothing at all. Josh, my husband was as sweet as could be regardless. The second trimester was much better! Though I still did not have much of a belly to show for all the hard work my body had already done. I did gain back those 15 lost pounds.


Rachel outside Birthing Center
Here I am just outside the Birthing Center with an armload of books to read

By the time I had finally reached my third trimester I had a cute belly! I was constantly grabbing Josh’s hand so he could feel the movements of the baby. For Damon’s birth we had decided upon using a midwife at a birthing center in Wilmington, DE. The old Victorian home had been converted into a cozy birthing center. It was such a nice comforting environment. The only problem was that shortly before my due date we moved further south and were now over an hours drive away. Two weeks prior to the due date I had what they call false labor. (Really they should call it practice labor.) I was annoyed when it did not produce our son that I was anxious to meet. My mom had come to town to be present for the birth and was such a help to me. She went right to work helping me get my house in order since we had not completely settled into the new home and still had unpacked boxes sitting around. She also helped set up the nursery which we had not yet found time to do.


Rachel in labor
Here I am in labor on a sofa at the birthing center

When I did go into labor on the morning of the 23rd of October. It started like the false labor that I had previously, but this time I was pretty sure this would be the real thing. So, I called the midwives and they said it may or may not be it, but I was welcome to come there anyways. So we left the house around noon. Hours past I still had not gone into heavy labor so they suggested we go to a nearby hotel where I might get some rest with the medication they sent with me. I was not able to sleep at all though and each contraction was getting more intense. My husband scrubbed the hotel tub to be sure it was sanitized and prepared a bath for me. I sat in the tub of warm water and sipped on tea, but by that point I was extremely uncomfortable and almost in pain with each contraction. The thought of not knowing how much longer this labor would last or how more painful it would get frightened me a little.


Rachel in labor Husband at side
 Josh timing my contractions with an ap on his phone

Josh seemed to intuitively know how I was feeling and called the midwives to tell them they needed to get me back over there. They asked to put me on the phone and after one question I had another contraction so I just dropped the phone in pain and focused. They immediately told Josh to get me back to the birthing center. The walk back to the car seemed to take forever! Never before the walk from a hotel room to the elevator had taken as long as this walk because I had to stop every ten steps to deal with another contraction. I would have to stop and use my mom and the wall for support. Josh had gone on ahead with our luggage and to pull up the car. The ten minute drive back to the birthing center was torture! I was the most miserable I have ever been! When we finally got to the birthing center I had to go up these wretchedly steep stairs before finally dropping myself onto the bed. I don’t remember talking to anyone at this point all I wanted was to stay in whatever position I landed in and push this baby out! I felt as if I were in another zone altogether. I did not want to do or say anything. I was so wrapped up in this all-encompassing process hardly aware of those present around me. I was in heavy labor as soon as we were back at the center if not sooner (probably because of that annoyingly long walk to the car) and in the next 45 minutes I had given birth to our son.

Damon, Newborn
Damon, born October 23, 2013 at 10:30 PM

I think I must have been telepathically talking to Josh, because he seemed to know exactly what to do for me through the whole thing. Though I did not speak a word, anytime the midwives instructed me to do anything I just complied with them. The birthing process was the most painful thing I had ever experienced! But yet I plan to do it again. Is not that amazing? I was in more pain than I probably should have been, because I was experiencing back labor. Damon came out head first in perfect position and the midwife told me to reach down and take my baby. So I did and then with one more push the rest of him slipped out. He was of a purple hue at first and he started screaming. I think my first feeling was relief and I could feel my eyes filling up with tears. I immediately pulled him up onto my chest and watched him with awe as he cried and nosed around his surroundings. My mom was standing off to the side crying and Josh said even he almost wanted to cry. This little 6 pound 8 ounce baby was the most beautiful newborn I had ever seen.


Hughes Family
We became a family

Damon was born at 10:30 PM and four hours later we were allowed to go home. When we got back, however, we were locked out of the house because neither of us remembered to grab the house key when we had left. It was 4:30 AM when we arrived back at the house. My mom called someone that we knew would most likely have a spare key to come let us in which they did.


Becoming a Mother Showed Me a New Kind of Love

Mother & ChildThe first two weeks felt like a dream. It hardley seemed possible that I was a mother already. But also I found myself constantly checking on him while he slept to be sure he was doing alright. Being a new mom can be a scary thing sometimes. I cannot possibly imagine my life without him. I love him so dearly and every day I thank God for him. I think what makes the love for your child different than any other sort of love is that with your own child you are the very first one they fall in love with and you did not even have to do much to gain their love. The very first time a mother and her child meet they both already and naturally love each other. I did not fall in love with Damon I just simply was in love with him from the moment he was conceived. And I will always love him no matter what just as he has loved me from his beginning.   ~ Rachel Carmona


Damon a day old
My Mom took this photo when he was just a day old


Expecting Couple 9 Months and ready
 My husband & I at 6 months along
9 months along


Hughes Family Rachel & Damon
 The Hughes Family
My sweet boy

Birthday Boy
My Birthday Boy


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