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You do not have to have a college education nor degrees to take care of matters yourself and in so doing you will save yourself so much money. You work hard for your money, so, why give it away to somebody else because you are too lazy or unwilling to learn something new. We live in a time where information on just about any topic is easy to get. Just Google it. Got a question, want to learn something? Google it. It will take a little time to research, learn, gather your materials, and put in some elbow grease but you can do it and make that hard earned dollar stretch much furthur and often will find that you have given yourself a greater result than if you had paid a contractor to do the work for you. There is a great sense of satisfaction in doing a job yourself. You might even impress yourself. I have done all this and more. Below are just some of the topics I will be addressing as I find time to commit to writing about my experiences which will also include photos, instructions, and some videos.

  1. Sell your home without a realtor. All you need is a lawyer to handle the contract of the transaction.

  2. Bake your own wholesome breads with real whole grains.

  3. Make a better pizza at home than the top delivery companies.

  4. Homeschool your children to protect their minds from political suicide which has been the undoing of our great nation.

  5. Have your own in-home barber/beauty shop.

  6. Homebirths with a midwife where you control the environment are so much more pleasant than hospitalized births.

  7. Upgrade your bathroom with real tile not the fake junk.

  8. Upgrade your home septic system, expand the leach field and save lots of money.

  1. Sew your own home furnishings and pocket the savings.

  2. Make your own liquid laundry detergent without all those harmful chemcials

  3. Don't pay Terminex, replace those old rotted floor joists yourself.

  4. Add an extra electrical outlet to a room. Its not that hard to do.

  5. Raise your own chickens and livestock to give your family a healthier diet.

  6. Plant your own organic vetable garden for homegrown goodness.

  7. Do not use credit cleanup agencies, clean up your credit score yourself. I can show you how to stop those nagging phone calls.

  8. Refinish that old peice of furniture yourself that you picked up at a yard sale or thrift shop. You can make it look almost as good as new.

  9. Quick Fixes when you do not have all the right tools or accessories.

  10. Learn to decorate your own birthday cakes for your family. Your frosting will taste better.

  11. Learn how to landscape around your own property, transplanting trees, separating bulbs, building brick paths, etc.

  12. Learn to change the oil and filters in your automobiles and do it regularly to keep those engines in tune.

  13. Painting a room is an inexspensive way to overhaul the look and feel of a room without spending a fortune.

  14. Be your own home interior decorator. I will share some basic rules to follow and creative decorating tips to make your space more functional as well as appealing to the eye.

  15. Make your kitchen beautiful as well as functional. It is amazing how much storage space you can get out of a small room and yet not look small or feel crowded.

  16. Design your own quilt. Make it personal.


This site is still under development so all the links are not yet complete but the list above gives you the idea of the rich content coming which comes from twenty-eight years of my experience as a "homemaker" in every sense of the word. Please come back later for more helpful and hopefully inspiring content. ~ Debra Carmona

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