bod Does Hair Color Tell Your Age?

Does Hair Color Tell Your Age?

Posted by Debra Carmona on 21 November 2014 | Add a Comment

Reflections of My Journey to Silver Hair

Hair Journey to Silver
How I Transitioned from Dark Brown to Silver White

Before I Began Coloring My Hair

Silver hairs first appeared on my head during my late teen years, just a little around the edges, hardly noticeable so I did not mind. Gray seemed to run in my family. My father’s head turned gray pretty early on and so did my aunts. Most of the aunts colored their hair for several years before they finally let it go. My mother and step mother also colored their hair so it seemed like that was the natural way of things with aging women.  The standard mode of operation I assumed. For some reason it did not matter if men’s hair went gray. Growing up I cannot think of one man that colored their hair. Why are there different expectation for women? How is it that gray hair on a man looks distinguished but not so on a woman?

Debra Carmona 1985
 1985 1987

At first I did not mind the silver streaks growing on the sides of my head because it sort of looked like highlights or a frosted look. There were many occasions that someone would ask me if I went to the beauty shop to get my hair frosted but I told them, “No, it was all natural.” I liked my frosted hair for a while. It was unique and yes, even beautiful.

Carmona Family 1989 Matching Mother & Daughter

Over the course of ten years as my babies were coming along more and more silvers filled the front and sides of my head. By the time the sixth child was born my entire front was almost white. I started to question,  “Am I too young to have gray hair?” Nobody wants to look old when they are still young. Where did I get the idea that gray hair means old? Had society ingrained that thought into my head? Had I been programmed to think that way?


For about three years I pondered the idea of having a full head of dark sexy exotic hair. I looked at wigs and desired to buy one but they were so expensive. Had the thought of solid dark hair being sexier also been subliminally implanted in my thought processes? I debated,  “To color or not to color.” My hair was changing so fast and I was still young, in my early thirties. My face was still youthful but my hair was looking aged. My hair often became the topic of conversation, in fact it seemed to attract comments. I liked it when the comments were flattering but just once the comments were not so flattering. A woman asked me if my hair was prematurely white because I had had a hard troublesome life.  Is premature white hair abnormal? Is that what people thought? I did not want people to think of me in that manner so her question pushed me over the cliff to choose to color my hair. Why did I allow one solitary comment outweigh all the great comments I received from others about my hair?

The timing of this conversation was while my husband was away on one of his military training assignments. He was gone for a several weeks so I made big plans to surprise him when he got back home. I redecorated our bedroom with new curtains and sewed a new quilt for our new bed. While he was a away I bought a four poster rice bed, a goose down comforter and dressed up the room with several Home Interior pieces along with lots of flowers. I wanted to make our bedroom a romantic place with an old fashioned feel like what you might find at a quaint Bed and Breakfast. I told my husband that I was planning a B & B get away when he returns. Thinking that I would be sexier with dark hair I decided to color my hair dark brown to add to his surprise. My natural hair color was a golden medium brown but I was going for something a bit more dramatic.  He would come home to a new younger looking wife and a new bedroom.  Of course he loved all my surprises and really liked my dark brown hair. But my husband loves anything that I do and always supports any decision that I make. As a side note, my marriage was not suffering and he never expressed anything of the kind that I was less than sexy with my silver highlights. My husband has always loved me as I am, pregnant or not, with or without make up, dressed up or in my casual clothes, even with curlers in my hair and no matter what color my hair has been. So really the struggle was only in my own mind how I thought about myself.

After I Began Coloring My Hair

Debra Carmona Debra Carmona

When I went to church with my new hair color some people chided me saying, "Who is that new visitor at church this morning?” One person told me it made me look ten years younger. I liked that, looking younger. I wonder how old they thought I looked before? A few people thought I had made the wrong choice and told me I had beautiful hair and I should have stayed with what God gave me. Perhaps they were right but I was liking the younger look with the dark hair. We are so full of vanity.

Debra Carmona Debra Carmona
 Curly Black 

At first I was coloring every six weeks, then over time every four weeks. I continued to color my hair for over twenty years. I must admit that I really did love the dark brown hair color for some time. I convinced myself that I was too young to have white hair.  I also made the observation that all the attention my hair used to get with the natural silver highlights had come to a halt. Nobody was talking about my hair anymore. Not that I wanted them to but I did notice a sudden lack of interest. I kind of missed all the compliments I used to get before I started coloring.  I did not realize it then but I had stepped into common ground, the same old, same old, hum drum, that everyone was doing, coloring their hair in the attempt to hide their age. Just like everyone else, I was blending into the crowd unnoticed.  But I denied that fact even to myself because I was enjoying looking young with my disguise. I prided myself that I was never one to follow the crowd, I go my own way except in this one thing, only I did not realize it then. It is easy to blend in when you step into common ground.

Debra Carmona with Dyed Dark Hair
I colored my hair for 20 years

I told myself that when I reach the age of 50 I will stop coloring it because by then I will be old enough to sport the silver hair. So, where did that come from? More brain washing from society that silver only belongs to women over fifty? The big age of 50 came and went and I was still coloring. It is kind of addicting going to that bottle of fresh color every four weeks.  Besides I still had young children at home and was not ready to start showing my true age as if the color of my hair was the tell all. From age 25 to age 50 I never ever spoke my age aloud to my family or even to myself. I was in denial. Sometimes I would even forget what my actual age was. When people asked my age I never told them. That was a forbidden question. Sometimes I would answer them back with a question of my own, “And how much do you weigh?” That put a halt to their inquiry right quick.

Once I became 50 it was like reaching a major milestone. OK, I have arrived. I am over the hill and guess what? I do not care anymore.  For the first time in my life I was proud of my age. I am 50! I am 50 and I still look great. Now I was telling everyone my age proudly. I had reached the place to accept my age and I did not feel old. Attention people! 50 is not old!!!!!! As I looked at my reflection in the mirror I could see that the dark hair was looking less and less attractive against my fair skin tone. I wanted to stop coloring my hair but I did not know how to quit. Every time those white roots would start to show and I could not fix my hair in a way to hide the roots I reached for the Clairol bottle to color once again.

Transitioning Back to My Natural Hair Color

 Our First Grandchild
Our Second Grandchild

Then I received the perfect motivation to help me get serious about going back to my natural hair color. Two of my children had been married a few months back and were now expecting their first child. We were going to be grandparents! The two couples that were were married within a week of each other and were both expecting. It will be perfectly fine if I have white hair as a grandmother.

In my online research I started to become more aware of the toxins that are in our lives. Toxins in our laundry soap, body washes, shampoos, toothpaste, body lotions, household cleaners and such. I was suffering from headaches but did not know the cause. Now that I look back on my hair coloring history. I was suffering from migraine headaches and I did not know the reason? Then I read about the toxins in hair care products such as hair sprays, shampoos, and hair dyes. My new awareness helped me to pay attention to when I got the headaches. Hair spray was the first thing I stopped using because every time I used hairspray it gave me a headache. I started clearing out the toxic chemicals out of my home and learned to read labels choosing products more carefully and began to make my own laundry soap, and then dishwasher soap. And I finally noticed that after I colored my hair I would get a headache each time. I was poisoning myself with every dye job. Everything you put on your head or skin (your largest body organ) your body is absorbing it into the skin. I had to stop coloring my hair but how? How do I make this transition? How do I go from dark brown, almost black to white? I was seeing those white roots ever few weeks and was almost certain that the whole head would be white. Not quite sure about the process of how to transition I was continuing to poison myself and did so for 20 years! What a clever addiction the beauty industry has done to us women. And how much they have profited from this whole business of making us believe that the color of our hair reveals our age and how youth is much more to be desired than natural aging as if we could ever really turn back the clock of time. We have been scammed.

 Back natural growth
Front still coloring

I visited a salon to ask questions about going to my natural hair color which I believed was white because all I saw was white roots each time I went to color. They explained that it would take at least three sessions to bleach my hair but they would not be able to get it completely white. The best they could do was make me a blonde. I could not imagine myself as a blonde. In talking with some other people that had black hair dye and hearing about their horror stories of orange hair I chose not to go that route.

I watched several YouTube Videos of people bleaching their hair themselves to go platinum blonde or silver white.  Watching them destroy their hair and having to keep cutting it and cutting it after each bleaching was enough to convince me to stay away from trying to hurry along the process.  But still to just grow it out was awkward especially from dark brown to white. The contrast was so stark. The white roots start to look like bald spots against the dark hair.

 I continued coloring only the front to allow the back to grow out

I also watched some YouTube videos of women who just went and cut it all off to go to their natural hair color. I could not see myself doing that because I have always had long hair and would not desire short hair ever. For some women who have been accustomed to always having long hair to suddenly cut it all off is a traumatic change. Not only are they dealing with the color change but the loss of hair as well. And many who do cut it find it difficult to grow back the length. I wanted to keep my length.

My Wig Collection

Debra Carmona with Wig Debra Carmona with Wig Debra Carmona with Wig
 Wig # 1, Long
Wig # 2, Medium
  Wig #3, Short

So, I compromised by deciding to hide the early grow out phase by wearing wigs. I did not want the wigs to look fake so I had to color just the very front of my hair so I could pull it up and blend it into the wig. This worked very well pulling off my charade fooling everyone. Nobody knew I was wearing a wig except those few whom I had told and even then they still could not tell because my front hairline looked natural. I chose wigs to look like the style and length of my hair. I know, I know, I was still putting toxins in my head and was suffering the headaches once a month.  I just was not brave enough to go cold turkey and let it show. I applaud the women who can do it because that is the hardest part of the journey. For one full year I kept up this charade with my wigs until I had enough grow out length in the top and back that I felt comfortable with to show my transitioning hair.

Long Wig Medium Wig Short Wig
Long Wig
Medium Wig
Short Wig

When I began this transition I had no idea how long it would take me. Since I was determined to keep my length I had assumed that it will take years three at the least.  I based that estimate on the experience of others that I had spoke to about their transition.  So, the transition would not be complete at the birth of the babies but they are so young they will not remember me having dark hair. The babies were born a week apart from each other, both boys. We were grandparents to two grandsons. What a blessed event.

I attended my daughter’s birth and got to witness my first grandson make his entrance into the world. She had her baby in a birthing center which felt very much like a cozy home with several midwives in attendance. My daughter clung to her husband who supported her through the entire birthing process. It was beautiful moment to witness their son, our first grandson making his entrance into the world. It was my first time witnessing a live birth from the other end. It is a different experience from delivering your own children. Yes, I cried once the baby had arrived and was laid on his mother’s breast. It was a proud and satisfying moment for me.


The Reveal Stage of Transitioning

Transitioning Hair to White Transitioning Hair to White
 Fading Front
 Time to stop wearing wigs

I was still wearing the wig when I stopped coloring entirely. After the front began to fade and a little bit of the silvers started showing around my temples the wig was beginning to look obvious to me. I also thought that by allowing the front to fade and tiny bits of silvers at the front to show it would help ease everyone into my grow out and not shock them entirely. Once the front of my hair faded considerably and no longer matched the wig color it was time to shun the wig. My next gig was to style my hair in such a way as to not show too much of the natural hair color, again to ease everyone into my transition. 

Transitioning Hair to White Transitioning Hair to White
 The front dyed ends hiding all the new growth
The back growth hidden under dyed ends


Transitioning Hair to White Transitioning Hair to White Transitioning Hair to White
 Back growth
One year of growth
New Fashion

Once my secret was out to everyone I knew, at church, at work, in my community, and on Facebook then I was free to let it all show. Besides I was determined to not have to wear wigs through another summer. I did not mind wearing wigs during the winter for the extra covering but the wigs were hot during summer months even if I put them up. Some of the wigs itched the skin so it was a bit of a nuisance to have to wear a wig. Plus with my sensitive skin the combs that helped to hold the wigs in place left my head tender and sore.

Transitioning Hair to White Transitioning Hair to White Transitioning Hair to White
Clip Up
 French Braid
 Cascading Curls

After the wigs were retired I had five shades of color; dark brown, medium brown, light brown, blondish, and white.  I began to play with my hair finding ways to style it to show off my mid-transition so that it was obviously clear that I had made a conscious decision to go to my natural hair color and that I was not just being lazy and negligent about my roots showing.  I was having fun showing off my true colors. I did have to get creative about how to fix it so that it looked styled and not just left uncared for. 

Transitioning Hair to White Transitioning Hair to White Transitioning Hair to White
 Have to see beyond to see the potential
Hard to be patient at this stage
Oh, so many colors

The photos above are not my favorite stage as the front began to grow out. It seemed to be helpful to pull the transitioning hair up away from my face. At least the reflection in the mirror was improved rather than just letting it all hang down and have a strange demarcation line showing. As the hair grew the new color was also growing on me. Pun intended. You do have to get used to the new emerging self.

Transitioning Hair to White Transitioning Hair to White Transitioning Hair to White
 My least favorite shot
 Improving on me
At this stage I started liking it.

At least I could have fun with the back of my hair while I was learning to cope with the front of my head. I took lots of photos to journal my progress. It was more fun to look over the process in hind sight and helped me to see my progress. I started making YouTube videos of my journey, the ups and the downs, as I tried to sort my way through this challenging journey. I thought who knows maybe my journey would help someone. I had no idea how many women it would inspire if any. At least it gave me something to focus on while coping with this awkward and trying journey. People in my everyday life were supportive of my journey. The most opposition I recieved came from a few comments on YouTube. Not much but just enough to make you question yourself. People do not hesitate to share their opion or give advice.

Transitioning Hair to White Transitioning Hair to White Transitioning Hair to White
 French Twist
French Braid  Creative Bun

My colors were so mixed up why not just flaunt it! They went from white to dark then to white in the back grow out and back to dark ends again. Everyone already knew I was growing it out and I had all these colors going on so I continued to experiement with ways to fix my hair. Some not so successful I admit.

Transitioning Hair to White Transitioning Hair to White Transitioning Hair to White
Yes, a little wild I know
The front was great but oh the back!
At least I tried

I added to my hair accessories, decorative barets, then later curly pony tail scrunchies which gave me more hair styling options. I thought I wanted to sport the reverse ombre look for a while but the two toned hair was begining to get to me. It was such a challenge to style. I am thankful my husband was always supportive of me while I was dealing with this sometimes uncomfortable challenge. I feel sorry for the women whose husbands do not understand the difficulty of this decision and place demands on them to continue to color and maintain that imagined youthful look. No matter what we do our age will beging to show on our faces. Why fight it? Many people do not realise that the very steps they take to remain youthful will eventually ruin their hair and skin and even have devastating impact on their health. So in the end those things will have the opposte effect. If women keep trying to stay looking young than it will be harder for men to accept the aging process of their wives.


When you marry someone you know that you will be growing old together with they need to be reasonable and accept the facts of life.  Time will eventually bring wrinkles, deminished strength, poorer health, poor eyesight, loss of hearing and gray hair. All of that is not necessarily bad. With that comes wisdom that only experience and time can produce. It can be a blessing that he does not see the wrinkles because his eyesight is failing. We need to look beyond those physical flaws and remember who each other is and cling to the memories we have created together in a life time.

Transitioning Hair to White
Transitioning Hair to White
Transitioning Hair to White
Side view of french braid
Husband loving on me
Tucked Topsy Tail

Last Leg of My Hair Transition

Transitioning Hair to White Transitioning Hair to White
From the front looks finished
 But under that scrunchie is still some old color

After seven months of dealing with the two toned hair in the eye of the public,  I was longing for a unified, "together" appearance. Maybe those YouTube comments were nagging at me. "It's time for the big cut", "You'd look great with a short bob", "Just cut it", "Your hair needs shaping,"  "I don't think you can pull off the two toned look." Part of me wanted to say, "Just watch me!" The other part was full of doubts. I was determinded NOT to cut until I was ready for the cut. The front length was not enough for a good cut unless I went with a short bob which I refused to accept. My nature it to look for solutions to a problem so I began trying new things. I played with a scrunchie hiding my dark dyed ends underneath  and used a hairband for a "pulled together" finished look.

Transitioning Hair to White
 The hair band helped hide the bit of old color but slipped back

My eyesight is not what it used to be. I find it challenging to do many tasks and cannot do anything without glasses on. I am not even sure how goood or not the photo is that I just snapped until I upload it onto the computer where I can see it bigger. Every once in a while I would get a good photo that made me feel good about where I was in this process. It also helped me to critique myself.

Transitioning Hair to White

After the top had sufficient grow out I learned that I could put all the dyed ends up and look fully transitioned with the help of scrunchies. For a period of time I used infinity scarves to hide the bits of old color still peeking at the base of my up do. I collected a bunch of scarves and had fun with that for a while.

Transitioning Hair to White Transitioning Hair to White Transitioning Hair to White
 Transitioning Hair to White  Transitioning Hair to White  Transitioning Hair to White

I played with colors and scarves and changed my glassed to colored rims for more contrast. First I styled with one scrunchie then I found I had could look more together with a unified color using two scrunchies. I explored scarvs and found that infinity scarves could also work with the scrunchies to hide the tiny bits of color that I still had peeking at the base of the scruchies.

Way to Cope With Two-Toned Mid-Transition Hair

Because my natural hair color grow out was long in the back, short in the front it would not work for the reverse ombre and still look good. The back of my head looked as if there was a white hole in the middle of it. I could not wear it down. The only solution was to put it up.

Dealing With two Toned Hair
Dealing With two Toned Hair
Dealing With two Toned Hair
Dealing With two Toned Hair
Dealing With two Toned Hair
Dealing With two Toned Hair

Now, I looked pulled together almost fully transitioned. There was just a bit of color peeking out on the top side so I used scarfs to hide the color. This period of time was during the hot summer months so wearing my hair up during the summer worked well. I had fun with colors and different scarves which allowed me more time to continue to grow my length before I was ready for my first major cut.


How to use Infinity Scarfs to Hide Mid-Transition

Method 1

Dealing With two Toned Hair

Method 2

Dealing With two Toned Hair.

Method 3

.Dealing With two Toned Hair


Make Up Can Be a Great Pick Me Up

I also needed to work on my makeup skills. My eye shadows and brow color needed to be toned down somewhat and my eyebrows needed better shaping. White hairs were showing up in my brows as well. The eyebrows are the architectural feature of the face and can be such a critical element in your overall appearance.

Makeup and None Comparison Eye Makeup Makeover
 Top photo is without makeup
Top photo at beginning of transition

With some professional help from Sharon Danley I was able to deal with the eyebrows in getting their shape right. I learned how to use different products such as gel eye liner, and clear mascara to hold those eyebrows in place. Sharon administers a great support group on Facebook called “Going Gray and Lovin’ It” which has over 1,700 women around the globe who are embracing their natural beauty. She encourages women to develop some basic makeup skills while they are dealing with the early awkward phase of transitioning to gray.

Eyebrow Transformation
What a dramatic difference the correction of a brow makes!

Thin rounded or highly arched brows are more characteristic of evil villians in movies and in cartoon characters. The glamor girls have broader angled brows. As we age the inside brows tend to droop. With careful attention to detail we can lift them.

Debra Carmona as Cruela Devill Debra Carmona
 Villians have thin highly arched brows
Sometimes less is more

Choosing nuetral tones in eye shadows works well with the whole natural look. The emphasis with makeup is bringing out your natural beauty without looking like a painted lady who is trying too hard. If people are looking at your makeup and not you then the emphasis is all wrong.


Decision Time

Transitioning Hair to White
 Now instead of hiding the roots every 3-4 weeks I was hiding the dyed ends under scruchies

When I realized that I had reached a phase where I was now hiding the dyed ends instead of the natural roots I contemplated the big cut. The back of my head had between 6 to 8 inches of white hair whereas the top only had 3” to 4 “ of natural color.  I had been wearing my hair in an up do with colorful scarves and looking fully transitioned which was fine for hot summer days but as the autumn season comes round I would desire having my hair down around my ears for the extra warmth. So, I now had a new dilemma, to the world I was looking fully transitioned but soon would be wearing my hair down again with still a lot of dark dyed ends. I had thought that I might want to sport the reverse ombre look for a while. Oh, it looked great from the front but the coloring was so odd to behold from the back. 

Transitioning Hair to White Transitioning Hair to White
Side view of growth before the cut
Weighing what a cut would be like

I kept messing around with it to style in ways that might look stylish but just could not find a comfortable way to wear it down without it looking strange. After a week of debating to cut or not to cut I took out the scissors and started shopping off the old dyed ends, all the while hoping I was not royally messing up my hair. Yes, I cut it myself.

Transitioning Hair to White
Before and After the major cut

I cut my hair into graduated layers, shorter at the front and longer in the back a little at a time.  I was not able to remove all the color because my layers would not even out from front to back if I did so I left a tiny bit of light brown (almost blonde) tips where the old dye still remained. In another couple months one more trim should complete my transition.

Transitioning Hair to White Transitioning Hair to White
 I did it
 Gone are the dark ends

In the end, I was very pleased with all the decisions I had made to go to my natural hair color: Not to cut it all off but to keep my length; not to bleach it and risk the possibility of destroying it’s texture; not to go in for highlights every so often which might chemically alter the condition of my hair; and yes, to wearing a wig to hide the early awkward phase of my transition, even though I continued to color only the front of my hair for a time. I believe those decisions shortened my transition to silver hair a great deal.

Transitioning Hair to White Transitioning Hair to White
 Happy with my decision
Loving the layers

In just 18 months instead of three years I had reached a place where I could go with my natural hair without any additional hair peices and love it again. The layers worked with my short grow out length on top and longer growth in the back.  And for the record: people are telling me now that I look younger, radiant, and beautiful! The color of your hair has nothing to do with age.  Woman can begin graying from their teens. More women today in their 20's and 30's are deciding to forgo the chemical processing and embrace their natural gray hair. Gray, charcoal, salt & pepper, pewter, silver, platinum, white are just a color and should be an acceptable choice that a woman can make without society pressuring her to color and subject herself to chemical toxins all in the illusion of looking younger. If those colors can be acceptable on men they ought to be acceptable on women as well.

Debra Carmona Debra Carmona
Not minding the tiny bits of remaining color Now it is uniform all the way around

Maturing women are discovering that the dark dyed hair colors actually wash out the skin tones and that their skin looks more radiant with the natural hair color that God gave them. Our skin changes over time as well and the natural process of hair turning gray is actually a gracious way to adjust to those changing skin tones. The fake dyed hair colors can make us look paler and washed out giving us a tired and aged look.

Transitioning Hair to White
 The dark hair made my skin look washed out and pale
Debra Carmona
My skin looks so much more vibrant with my natural hair color

I am happy to be chemical free and no longer a slave to the bottle. Looking back I wish that I had never gone down the dark path of coloring my hair. My hair would have naturally gone to where I am today without the chemical toxins and without the awkward and difficult transition that makes it so hard for women to embrace their natural hair color. I have left the dark side and have seen the light and it is much better than I thought it would be and I do not feel older because of my hair color.

Debra Carmona Debra Carmona Debra Carmona
Light makes my hair grow 
 It is still long enough to put up
 Half updo

We silver sisters are discovering that embracing our natural hair color is not about the color so much as it is embracing ourselves, who we are as individuals. We are throwing off the dictates of society and not allowing them to tell us what we should be but are growing in confidence and feeling quite liberated.  No salon or boxed dye can duplicate the glorious shades of silvers that comes naturally.

Debra Carmona
 I am loving my new look with my natural hair color.

I am not trying to look like a teeny bopper but am happliy embracing my age with grace. Just because we have gray hair does not mean we need to give up on make up, fashion or anything else that makes us feel beautiful. Yes, we can be beautiful at any age. We do not have to accept the old models of frumpy old grannies with short curled gray hair. We can wear it long or with a nice cut that suits our face shape. We can make our own style that is becoming to our figures. Do not let the modern fashion trends dictate your style. Just be the individual that you are.

~ Debra Carmona


Debra Carmona Debra Carmona
 Adding a little color with a scarf to kick it up a notch
Who says silver haired women cannot wear browns?
Debra Carmona Debra Carmona
Black and gray will always work I am just an old fashioned gal

Update Photos

Here are some updated photos as my hair has been growing. I have been growing out the layers with a desire for an overall longer length. When the top had shorter layers I could just comb them back with some curl. As the layers grew I put them up in clips or pins.

Growing Out Silver Hair Growing Out Silver Hair
With Shorter layers
Pulled back layers
Growing Out Silver Hair Growing Out Silver Hair
Some days with soft curls Other days straight
Silver White Hair
Sometimes I sweep it to one side

The beauty of longer hair is the option of being able to put it up when the weather gets warmer and play with different styles.

Silver Gibson Hair Style Silver Hair Pinned Up with Clips
 Victorian Gibson Hair Style  Pinned up on hot days

I am loving the freedom of not worrying about roots and love my natural color and how it brightens my face. I do add a little lift to the crown with a little back combing.

Silver White Hair and Loving It
 Silver White Hair and Loving It !

I get compliments often on my hair and it's usually "I love your hair!"

Silver White Long Hair Silver White Long Hair
 Look at my beautiful skin!
 Loving my long silver locks!

Check back for more updates as my hair grows even longer.






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