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I have recently had some feature stories published in magazines and in the news media. So on this page I will add the stories of my life that have been published with the link so you can go to the source.


The first was in She Magazine July 2013 issue which was a patriotic issue with great stories about military moms, wives, and women serving in the military. Different woman in the magazine shares their personal experience and sacrifice some giving more than others. I cried with almost every story because I could relate to the emotions they faced. This a jam packed patriotic issue.

My Military Sons
 Left to right: Jared Carmona Army, Jacob Carmona Marine, Joseph Carmona Air Force, Jonathan Carmona Air Force Below: Jose A. Carmona USAF my husband

My Husband


I was given the honor of being featured as one of those women behind the heroes since my husband, Ssgt. Jose A. Carmona, is a retired USAF after 20 years of service including Desert Storm War plus four of my sons are also serving in the military with one soldier in the Army, Jared Carmona;  one Marine, Jacob Carmona (his wife, Mary Carmona is also a Marine),  and two sons in the Air Force, Jonathan Carmona and Joseph Carmona.


So they asked me to write my story of what it was like to be a military wife and and then a mother of sons who now serve. The title of the article is called "All In The Family." You will find my story on pages 94 and 95. Below is the link to my story. If my article connected with you feel free to leave me a comment below on this page. The story will open in another tab so this page will stay open if you want to leave me a comment below.


Side note: One of my Art students was also featured in this same magazine. You will read her story on page 60. The painting in her photo is one I helped coach her on that won 2nd place in a National competition. Her National win is one of nine such awards earned by my art students. To learn more about that visit my other website


She Magazine July 2013 Issue

SHE magazine is a Christian Woman's magazine that is published monthly from Florence, SC but read nationaly online. You can find their page on Facebook as well. They like to feature local women in the monthly publications. I am honored to have been selected to represent military mom's and wives.

My Fetaured article

Debra Carmona, military wife shares her experience as a military wife during a war time situation and her pride as a military Mom.  The photos in the photo above hang on our family Wall of Military Fame. Even Jose's father served a short time in the USAF. We are a military family.

Read the article here She Magazine July 2013 Issue




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