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Here is a collection of videos of some of my projects and tutorials to help you with some of your projects or just to inspire you with some ideas of your own. Many of the videos solve a problem or find a solution to some problems or frustrations. My philosophy is that if there is a problem, there must be a solution.


Do It Yourself Projects Around the House

I hate wasted space and sometimes when men build homes they do not think of the most efficient use of the area. I desired a larger closet so I removed the shallow garden tub because we were not using it. This allowed me to expand my closet and create a pretty dressing area in my bathroom. This video is the start of that project.



How to Patch a Small Hole in the floor

When I removed the useless garden tub I had holes in the floor where the plumbing had been. My husband knows plumbing so he knew how to cap of the pipes and hoses below. I worked on the floor with the desire to make it whole again and strong with no fears of it ever caving in.



Enlarging a Walk-In Closet

By moving the closet door around the corner it enabled me to expand my closet.



How to Dress up a Plain Mirror Frame

The location of the garden tub had two large mirrors on either side. I removed one mirror where the new closet door was relocated to but decided to keep the opposite mirror for the new dressing area and since I was bringing some class to this room I thought it would be nice to have a fancier frame.



Adding a Fancy Flair to the Dressingroom Mirror


Since I was going for a fancy look I took the oportunity of using my gift of ChalkOla Markers for a product review to add even more decorations to my dressing mirror and had a little fun with the markers along the way. Check it out!



How to Patch a Small Hole in the Wall

When there is no support behind the sheetrock to fix a hole this is a trick that will help you do a good job patching the hole. I needed to move an outlet because of the new vanity sink installed. In this video I share a solution for three problems.



Just For the Fun of It

A short sampling of what it is that I do. Enjoy!



How to Repair a Wood Stool

My habit is to not to throw things out but to fix them or recylce them as was the case with this stool so that I could use in my wood workshop.



Convert a TV Entertainment Unit into an Arts & Craft Supply Closet

The cabinet was a nice oak cabinet but was no longer needed since we switched to a flat screen TV. As an artist and a crafter I am alway needing more storage space for all my supplies which have a tendency to create clutter around me which drives me crazy sometimes. So, I converted this unit.



How to Repair a Damaged Oak Cabinet Door

The previous owner of this cabinet had removed the sliding door and used them for another purpose. He had cut a peice out of the top of one of the doors and drilled holes in the doors so they needed a little repair. Here is how I repaired the cut off part. See the next video below how I repaired the holes.



How to Repair Holes in Cabinet Doors

Holes were drilled in these beautiful oak cabinet doors plus I needed to change out the door pulls and the pull I was changing to only required one hole instead of the two hole pull it previously had. This is a really easy fix.



A Cheap Way to Fix Window Screens That Keep Falling Out

My window screens kept falling off the because the plastic corners were becoming brittly and falling apart. At the time we could not replace the window screens so I came up with a temporary solution to keep them up until a better solution was available to us.



Yard and Garden Videos

Do-It-Yourself Garden Gate

I needed a fence to keep the chickens out of my garden so I also need a couple of garden gates. I was able to build two each for less than $10 and I htink they turned out pretty cute



How to Turn a Plain Old Tool Shed into a Cute Chicken Coop

When I began raising chickens I always dreamed of having a cute chicken coop but the money just wasn't there. I have learned over the years to work with what I have. When we moved into this property the tool shed became the immediate shelter for my chickens because it was most convenient. At the time I was too busy to build a chicken coop because I was focused on fixing up the house. After a while I began modifying the tool shed to serve the chickens better then finally it hit me what I could do to make this a cute attraction in our yard. All it required was a clever paint job.


How to Preserve Chives to Enjoy Year Round

Chives is a plant the keep growing back so you don't pull them up at the roots, just chop them off and they will grow back. In this video I show you how to preserve them after harvesting.


Growing Massive Sweet Potatoes

This video recorded my first year growing sweet potatoes so I had no idea what to expect nor did I know if I was doing it right. But was I pleasantly surprised when it came time for harvesting them. I must say this has been my best crop. Now I grow them every year and always enjoy harvesting them. Best tasting sweet potato I have ever had in my life.


Organic Compost Helped My Potato Plants to Grow Ten Feet Tall

Gardening is a learning experience for sure. I never knew tomato plants could grow so tall. In my garden I avoid chemicals or artificial helps such as Miracle Grow. I am growing my own food for the health benefits so why would I want to use chemicals. I have had great success with my organic soil mixture.


Exterminating Tomato Horn Worms

I am usually pretty tollerant of most creatures but this is one creature I do not like to see in my garden because it can do much damage in a short space of time.


Pruning Rose Bushes

Roses are my favorite flower and relatively easy to care for.



Our First Chicken Coop

This is an oldy but goody, one of my top videos on YouTube. The whole family pitched in to create this chicken coop as we were just starting out in our chicken raising adventure.


You will find more videos on more subjects on my YouTube Channel





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