bod How Busy Moms Can Get Out of the Kitchen

How Busy Moms Can Get Out of the Kitchen

Posted by Debra Carmona on 14 January 2012 | Add a Comment

Cooking is not one of my favorite things to do although my family and others think I am a pretty good cook and my husbands co-workers envy all the home cooked foods and treats he brings to work every day. Honestly there are a million things I'd rather be doing than spending time in the kitchen laboring over meals so I've develope a strategy to help me get out of the kitchen.

I lead a very busy life as an Art Teacher five days a week which means I am constantly developing new lessons for the following week for 15 different classes. I also am an active blogger with a growing online business which is where I'd rather spend my time than hours in the kitchen. I also raise chickens and enjoy spending time with them as I make improvements on the landscape around my property and home.

Make a List and Prioritize it

For starters, I write myself daily lists of things to do trying to keep my daily list short with the most pressing things that needs to be done at the top of the list for today. If I do not get everything done on today's list that means that  those things undone was not that necessary anyway. So I will make an adjustment and decide whether to add it onto tomorrows list or just forget about it. I think sometimes we women have a tendancy to over work ourselves, we take on too much so it is necessary to trim down the things that are not so very important. That means we have to prioritize everything in our life. Don't forget to make working on your relationships as one of those high priorites or all our work is in vain. I also have weekly lists, monthly lists and long term lists. I get great satisfaction out of checking things off my "To Do List" because it's encouraging to me, makes me see that I am ackomplishing something even if it does not feel like I am getting anywhere. All women know that household duties seem to be an everlasting list of things to do with no end in site, sort of like stringing beads with no knot at the end.


"The reason women are not as productive as men is because they don't have a wife." ~ unknown


Work Smarter with Time Management

Yes, I have to multi-task too. That is one of the beautiful and amazing things about women. We can multi-task whereas men are more single focused. We have to. As I am writing this blog I am also cooking up a batch of waffles to go into the freezer so my family can have ready made breakfasts anytime they need. I cook them in large quantities, cool them and store them in the freezer to be heated up later.  Waffles freeze well and can be popped in the toaster, microwave oven or toaster oven to be heated later. When I am in a hurry and don't have time to eat I just grab a couple and go. I like them without syrup whereas the children must have sticky syrup on them. The batch will usualy last for several weeks although this morning I have a housefull of children and they are being eaten as fast as I am producing them so I may have to do a second batch for later.  It does not take much more time to cook up large quantities of them then it would to make a single batch so it's just smart time management. Saturday mornings is the time I plan to spend in the kitchen preparing some of my ready-to-go-foods. Breakfast foods such as waffles; sausage and egg sandwich, muffins, even pancakes can be made this way. I also freezen up batches of cookies, uncooked cookie dough formed into cookies to be baked later, calzones, and pizza. One of my husband's favorite meal-to-go is the calzones. Guys from his work have even offered to buy some from him.

Recruit Help

Ask the family to pitch in because you have a lot on your plate. Sometimes when the kitchen is messy and I want to cook up a batch of cookies or cinnamon rolls I will go ask them if they will clean up the kitchen so I can. Teach the family to help you. Each family member including my husband has learned to at least cook one dinner so any given day if I will not be home in time to get dinner started I can ask them to prepare the meal that they have learned to make. It helps if their chosen meal is one of their favorites. My husband has mastered Terriaki Chicken with rice because it is one of his favorites and he takes great pride in it when he prepares it for our guests. Yes, even guys should learn how to cook at least one meal. All five of my guys can and do cook occasionaly. It may become useful as I nice treat for the future wives sometime when she is sick or has just given birth to a new child. On Fridays we have a family tradition of pizza and a movie at home. Friday is also family night so when it's time to make the pizza everyone pitches in for their part even our guests. Someone cooks the sausage, another chops the vegetables, I usually make the dough, the guys spread the sauce and the ladies help put on the toppings.


Well, the waffles are done and I've come to the end of this blog. Now I need to go outside and build an extention to my chicken pen and enjoy this great sunshine. Make each day count and don't miss the simple pleasures life has to offer. ~ Debra Carmona



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