bod Kitchen Drama (About Bread Ingredients)

Kitchen Drama (About Bread Ingredients)

Posted by Debra Carmona on 10 March 2012 | 1 Comments

Kitchen Drama ~ About Yeast Doughs   


Did you know that the word "Lady" used to mean "loaf kneader"? Tis true, and the verb "to knead" is even older than the beginings of modern English. Housewives can once again learn to be ladies as we learn to knead bread.


Cinnamon RollsYeast doughs are one of the great dramas that take place in the kitchen. Every ingredient in the dough recipe has an important role to fulfill. You, the cook, are the producer-director of this great drama. The prima donna is the yeast that will perform given the precise amounts of heat as the cast pulls together their particular roles in the recipe. When she is surrounded by the entire cast members her glorious performance takes center stage. She does not perform well in a drafty dressing room and is very particular about her performance so the temperature must be just right, not too hot. Because yeast is a living organism it responds to a precise temperature. Yeast is activated at about 50° and is best between 78° and 82° but begins to die around 120° and is rendered useless after 143°.


Farberware Nonstick Bakeware 9-by-5-Inch Loaf Pan


The hero of our production is wheat flour who Bread Loafhas a certain secret ingredient up his sleave that makes his personality elastic and gives convincing body to his performance. His secret ingredient is gluten which is activated by strong beating or the kneading process which gives elastisticity to the flour. No other flour can deliver the same performance as he can but he is willing to share the stage with other flours such as rice, rye, corn, and soy just so long as he maintains the limelight. Can I also add that the vigorous kneading process can be a healthy outlet for cooks to vent their frustrations and therefore calm our spirits enhancing our lady-like characteristics.


Fox Run Stainless Steel Roasting Pan, 10 Inch x 14.5 Inch


Cinnamon RollsSalt and sugar make brief but important entrances. Adding too much of either can actually get in the way of the performance of the other actors. A small amount of sugar helps to activate the yeast, but do not use more than the amount called for in the recipe because it could be counter productive. Yeast feeds on sugars and produce alcohol and carbon dioxide the "riser" we are looking for.  Small quantities of sugar speed the yeast activity but too much will inhibit it. Sweet breads take much longer to rise. After the yeast is disolved and added to the flour then salt can be added in small quanitities to control too rapid fermentation.


ProBake Teflon Platinum Nonstick 16-Inch Pizza Pan


Combo Pizza

You may enlist fat to endow the performance with more tender and lasting appeal but is not a necessary player so he could be left out. For creating soft bread rolls butter is preferred, but for a firmer solid pizza crust use oil so that the crust will hold together and not fall apart which enables one to eat pizza without the use of fork and knife. Shortening can add a touch of crispiness to your batter if you prefer and if you would like the flavor of butter combined with the crispiness choose butter flavored shortening.


Water, milk or other liquid ingredients are the intruders. Any one of them lends steam to the show. Water brings out the wheat flavor and makes a crisp crust. Skim milk can add to the nutritive value but also gives a softer crumb. The fat in whole milk tends to coat the yeast and prevent it's proper softening.


My favorite mixing bowls are all stainless steel. I use a large one for rising the pizza dough.

20-Quart Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl

Thunder Group Mixing Bowl, 20-Quart


rising doughYeast dough may be allowed to rise and fall a number of times to improve texture but if allowed to overexpand, it can use up it's energy leaving it with little rising power left for the baking period where it is most needed. The best yeast breads are given time to rise slowly up to four or five hours. One to two hours for the first rise, one or more for the second, and one more hour in the bread pans.


When you understand the roles of each of the players in our drama you can put on a good show and your family will applaud your efforts.


The kneading job is much easier with a Kitchen Aid Mixer that has a dough hook

KitchenAid KSM75/WH Classic Plus Tilt-Head Stand Mixer White.


Watch Video Below for More Information and Tips When Working With Yeast Doughs.







ProBake Teflon Platinum Nonstick 16-Inch Pizza Pan


For an even softer crust a cooking stone is best, they get better over time with use

Wilton 2105-0244 Perfect Results Ceramic Pizza Stone, 15-inch






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