bod Learning to Live with Imperfection

Learning to Live with Imperfection

Posted by Debra Carmona on 30 October 2012 | Add a Comment

Learning to Live With Imperfection

Though we may strive for perfection I suspect that very few ever really achieve perfection in every aspect of their lives. Even the most meticulous planner will have to deal with blunders and mishaps from time to time. My world is not perfect either. Mishaps and blunders seem to be a normal part of life.  Nearly every schedule I composed had to be altered to make it work effectively. Even when the schedule was modified there were additional things that would throw a monkey wrench into the program.


When I prepare articles, videos and select photos for my site I take great care in making my selection editing out the mishaps and blunders. Only the best video clips and photos are choosen for publication to give a good representation of the project at hand. The reality is stuff happens to us all. For this blog post l purposefully chose a photo that is not one of my favorites. Even though I made sure our colors were coordinating and everyone was wearing a sweater in keeping with a theme, some of the children are not fully cooperating with the cameraman.  This is not the best photo of me nor am I happy with the photographer's arrangement of our family. Some photographers do not know much about composition. Just as artists must learn to have really effective compositions so also should photographers be taught good rules of composition.

Be Willing to Learn Something New

When things do not go as planned some of us may have the tendancy to come unglued. In all honesty what good does that do for us? With everything that happens in our lives be it good or bad there is always an opportunity to learn something new. If we do not rise above our circumstances to meet the challenges head on, seeking solutions for those things that are not working well, learning valuable lessons from the mistakes, then we are not growing as we ought. Sometimes the most trying of circumstances can be the best teachers.

My house used to be spotless with everything in order and then I had children


Learn to Be Flexible

Being a first born child of six the birth order symptom for me is to crave order. I like things to be well planned and organized. I dislike clutter and caos and I do get a bit annoyed or frustrated when things do not work out as planned. As a mother of six children observing that each child comes with their own unique personality I have learned to be flexible. My conclusion is that almost nothing ever works out exactly as planned. So, rather then working myself up into a frenzie I just accept the interruptions, set backs, or mishaps as par for the course.


Learn to Laugh At Yourself

Sometimes it helps to just laugh at ourselves when things seem to be unraveling. Laughter can be medicine to the soul and has the power to lighten the load. The scripture says, A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance; but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken.” Proverbs 15:13  To err is human so let us accept that we will make mistakes, things will go wrong, and that is ok, as long as we are learning from those mistakes. “All the days of the afflicted are evil; but he that is of a merry heart hath a continual feast.” Proverbs 15:15 Accepting imperfection is having a different attitude and that can make all the difference in the world.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

I remember one particular Sunday morning gathering my four young children from their classes after church services. My hands were full with a baby, two diaper bags, a purse, and a large Bible with a toddler in tow. My heart was particularly heavy that morning managing the children by myself while my husband was serving abroad in the midst of the Desert Storm War. Those six months without my husband to help me were some of the most trying days of my motherhood career. I was not allowed to know the exact whereabouts of my husband, it was a war time situation and I had no idea how close he was to danger or when and if he would return to me.  Add to those circumstances I was pregnant with my fifth child which would be my first daughter. I asked the four year old to help me carry the toddler’s bag. He decided to convieniently hang it upon the toddlers head as we walked up the stairs. That is not how I expected his help and was about to correct the child when another mother saw the bag hanging from the toddler and started laughing. Somehow her laughter made me see the situation differently and lightened my load so that I could also see the humor in the site of my toddler climbing the stairs with the strap of his bag around his head and the bag dragging behind him. He actually didn’t seem to mind it all.

Cooking Bloopers

This video contains actual mishaps from my kitchen. You will see my frustrations as things go wrong. I growl, complain, fret, and call names to inanimate objects but all the while I am learning from what is going wrong and even seeking solutions to some of the problems I run into. These are the things I would normally edit out of my finished videos. I share them only to show that I too am human  and full of imperfections.




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