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Debra Carmona, ArtistA Mother's heart is a deep ocean of thoughts and reflections. As time passes the waters run ever so deep. It is my endeavor to share from my heart the lessons learned over the course of my life in raising six children in hopes to encourage and inspire Mom's of all ages but also as a record for my children as they are now raising their own children.


Even in my sunset years I am continuing to learn and develope new things as my life progresses into furthering my life's ambitions.  I hope to be an inspiration to all women everywhere, to inspire you with the thoughts that you are so much more than the world would have you to think and that you can do much more than you may have thought possible. We are never too old to learn. Life is a constant learning process.

~ Debra Carmona

Christian wife, mother of six, grandmother of three, Homeschooling mother for 19 years,

artist, art teacher, mentor, seamstress, blogger

Christmas Preparations

Posted by Debra Carmona on 24 December 2011 | 3 Comments

How Can We Keep the Christmas Spirit During Such a Busy Time?

So many activites fill up our time during the holiday season. There are decorations to pull out of the attic, lights to string up, Christmas decor to arrange around the house and a tree to decorate. The Christmas card lists needs updating before we can start addressing the cards. Then there is shopping, baking, wrapping of presents, cards and packages to mail, parties to attend and stockings to stuff. And all this is added on top of our regular duties of laundry, dishes, keeping up with all the activites going on with each of the children, managing the houshold finances, and for most working outside the home, as well as church activites. But how much of these activites get us into the Christmas spirit? Is it really about all those activities? Or is all of the "to do's" putting undo pressure on you?

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