bod New Nutrient Rich Food Company Takes on Big Food Industry

New Nutrient Rich Food Company Takes on Big Food Industry

Posted by Debra Carmona on 1 February 2015 | Add a Comment

For over a hundred years the Big Food Industry has been producing foods void in nutrition. Shelf life and taste has become the prominent factor in food production with little consideration for the long term effects on our health. 80% of chronic health conditions are diet related. The supplemental industry is $16 - $17 Billion dollar industry which has tried to address this huge problem. Vitamins and supplements may help some but do not offer the full spectrum of nutrients your body needs on a daily basis.  Any deficiency in nutrition leads to a host of health issues over time and eventually chronic diseases. Now for the first time we have a food company that is taking on the 4.3 trillion dollar food industry with nutrient rich foods to try and reverse 100 years of processed foods which will enable people to regain their health.


The Problem with Our Food

The Trillion dollar Big Food industry is the problem. It goes all the way back to 1911 when hydrogenated oil was invented which increased the shelf life of foods. The food industry began producing more and more foods with a longer shelf life only problem is they were essentaily dead foods void of any nutrition. The food industry studied the neurochemistry to find the precise amounts of sugar, salt, and fats to reach the bliss factor which makes you addicted to the foods. It literally makes an imprint on your brain so that you remember and crave that taste. It is even put into baby foods now.


You have probably heard the expression you are what you eat. Why is America and Mexico obese? Some companies in Japan are paying their employees bonus incentives to lose weight. The obesity problem is costing the world 2 Trillion dollars. Ask yourself this, if we are eating so many foods that are deficient in nutrients than what are we eating? Junk food, dead, void of any nutrition. What are the long term results of such a diet? Ebesity, diabetes, Alzheimer disease, cardiovascular disease, dementia, hypertension and all sorts of chronic diseases. America has the highest rate of cancer than any other country. Is it any wonder that the United States spends more on Health care than any other country? 50% to 80% of health costs is related to poor diets. It is SAD way to live. Standard American Diet brought to you by the big food corporations.

American Diabetes Assoc. predicts almost 1/3 of all Americans will become diabetic?

If you are considered diabetic or pre-diabetic because of your medical blood work history good luck getting life insurance because you are 4 times the risk of dying early. The average person gains 10 pounds per decade and it only takes about 20 extra pounds to risk becoming diabetic as an adult. Our cells are not programed to die but we are killing them with poor diets.


Chip Marsland top rated for Nutrition and Diet by Consumer Reports reveals what is wrong with the foods on the grocery store shelves in this video.


The YEVO Food Solution

Sure, you can grow a garden and grow all your own fruits and vegetables but there is a learning curve in growing different crops. Depending on where you live you may be limited to growing only certain crops. If you want to be truly organic and not use pesticides and chemicals in your soil (which I choose to do) there is much to learn in that realm as well. I try to grow as much as I can but it is still not enough. Some of my crops have been a huge success and others have failed. There is so much to learn about gardening and I think it would be nice if everyone had their own garden. But what about meats and dairy products? We all would need a small farm to raise our own meats which means each of us would need a sizable peice of property in the country to do so. The majority of people live in housing developments and I doubt their neighbors would want cows, pigs, goats, and chickens runing around in their community. It is my dream to have such a place with grass fed cows, goats for making cheeze, and bees for honey. I enjoy the eggs my chickens give me and I hope to get me some goats next. The bigger the farm, the more work there is in tending it. Do you have time for all that?


Fact: Children and those with Autism achieve higher scores academically and have better social behavior when they receive better nutrition.


YEVO International has the solution to ensure that we will get each of the 43 Essential Nutrients that our body needs on a daily basis. The YEVO food solution has produced over 100 food products with 25 grams of protein balanced with 43 Essential Nutrients and the proper amounts fiber in around 500 calories. That is a big deal for children and overweight adults tipping into a disease state due to chronic bad diet and poor eating habits. The Essential Nutrients are the key element to help our bodies maintain optimal health.  One doctor said that if everyone that is seriously overweight would lost just 20 pounds many medical problems would just go away.



YEVO Foods

YEVO Foods are derived from real food sources, not sythetic or fractionated. They are enriched with 43 essential nutrients that the body needs for optimal health. These foods are prepared with some serious science to lower cravings and overeating. YEVO’s foods, incorporating great macronutrient profiles as well as the inclusion of the 43 essential nutrients, are a stunning achievement that require a complex number of ingredients. According to Chip Marsland - our food scientist, formulator, and co-founder - we buy these ingredients from "unadulterated sources," which means we choose organic and non-GMO sources whenever available.


The company-owned production facility in Reno, NV. Food is made using various patented processes. They process their own raw ingredients using low/no temp (patented) means to preserve (not kill) nutrient values. Each food item takes into account overall ingredients to establish a good balance of healthy macronutrients (carbs, fats, proteins) for correct hormonal regulation. Essential micronutrients are then added via a proprietary process and takes into account food viscosity, solubility / absorption factors, etc. It's much more complex than a cookie-cutter approach. Dehydration is also a patented process to preserve nutrient values while creating shelf life free of artificial preservatives.


There are many recipes that allow a variety of meals to be prepared around a nutritional base so you never get tired of the food.


The People Behind YEVO Product


Peter Castlemen co-founder first created Pharmanex which he sold to NuSkin who took his line of herbal supplements to a billion dollars through a Multi Level Makarketing (MLM) company. That was his first experience with MLM and after watching how effective person to person marketing can be, he was intrigued enough to buy Herbalife. Which he then took from $700 million company to $3 billion dollar company in 5 years.


Chip Marsland is world-renowned in the nutrition industry and can certainly tell the difference between a good GMO product (the “remarkable”) from a bad one (the “scary.”) Furthermore, Peter Castleman, who is responsible for 11 (yes, eleven!) billion-dollar-plus companies, wouldn’t align himself with YEVO if the company was set to stumble on the GMO issue or other ingredient issues.


YEVO is for Everyone!

Health Conscious People: YEVO foods are for those people who desire to eat healthy but for either lack of knowledge or resources have not been able to eat the best foods. Even those who work hard in growing much of their own foods may still lack specific nutrients. Not everyone can grow all their own foods.

College Students: YEVO foods are affordable even for the college students who dislikes cafeteria meals. Many students today are already spending $8.33 for pre-packed or delivered meals. For those students who are aware that fast foods are not giving them a healthy option. YEVO foods are $4 - $7 offering college students a nutritional balanced meal.

Busy Mothers & Fathers: YEVO foods are for the busy mother whether she is a working mother, a homeschool mother, or a entrepreneur mother that works from her home. She does not have the time to calculate and be sure that every meal is fully nutritious with all 43 Essential Nutrients. Busy Fathers and busy mothers who work outside the home can now eat healthy meals even at work with portable YEVO meals.

Children with working parents: YEVO foods are simple enough to prepare that mature children can prepare the foods for a healthy nutritious meal for themselves.

Busy Professionals: YEVO foods are for the busy professional who may be on the go traveling from location to location, staying in hotels. You cannot always be sure that the food you get in resturants is safe or healthy. Most hotel rooms are equipped with a coffee maker. You can heat water with that to prepare the YEVO foods.

Campers, hikers, & outdoor adventurers: YEVO foods are packaged to go, easy to prepare with minimal equipment.

Preppers: YEVO foods are for preppers who like to be prepared in the event of any type of natural disaster, economic melt down, or catastrophic event. YEVO packaged foods will keep up to three years. There are many companies that offer prepackages foods for this purpose but only YEVO has ALL 43 Essential Nutrients in them.

City dwellers: YEVO foods are for city dwellers that do not have the time nor resources to grow their own foods, and still want healthy options.



The YEVO Opportunity

Its a proven fact that innovative ideas and products will not gain traction in the traditional market place going head to head with big box food companies. Direct sales is the only way make that message heard. Besides Network Marketing does a better job with educating the public about products and services. instead of the company spending lots of wasted money on big advertising campaigns YEVO can reward a large team of excited promoters sharing the product as they work from home building their own business.


The average person can become a YEVO Distributor and share YEVO products with their friends and family.  All products are shipped directly to the consumer from the company so distributors do not have to worry about inventory and delivery of goods. All they have to do is introduce people to the products. Customers can order their products online from the distributor's personal website. Distributors can earn 15% on preferred customers sales to 25% commisions on their group volumes.  Since YEVO foods are consumable products of high quality and taste it is sure to prove itself as a regular weekly or monthly purchase giving YEVO distributors a residual income in addition to other recruiting bonuses. Customers can choose to be preferred customers and enjoy whole sale prices by opting in with the $50 sign up package.


YEVO Distributors can build a team of distributors and enjoy owning their own business with nine different ways to earn money with the potential for building wealth. Distributors are excited to share a product that meets a real need that may improve the health and wealth of their customer base.


To learn more about this product, company, and the opportunity  Click Here

To order your food supply or sign up as a preferred customer click below


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