bod Painting a Room

Painting a Room

Painting is the Easiest Way to Transform a Room

Painting a room is also an inexpensive way to overhaul the look and feel of a room. When we first moved into this place we could not afford to do any serious remodeling at first so for $300 in paints we painted all the flowered walls to give it a cleaner less busy look, something we could live with until we were ready to give the home more extensive upgrades which we did eventually.

Before After
Bathroom Vanity Before Painting Bathroom Vanity After Painting
See how the floral walls overpowers the space. Floral wall paper is far too busy for my tastes. This bathroom also had no medicine cabinet and lacked shelving for my makeup.
Painted walls are more pleasant. I opened up a space in the wall to build a shelf to store my makeup in a handy location and out of the way. With the floral patterned wallpaper gone my decorative items look prettier.

Before After
Floral Walls are too Busy
Plain Walls are Best
This busy patterned wallpaper made the room seem smaller, darker, and even gave a crowded feeling. A fresh coat of neutral colored paint gave the room a fresh airy feeling. See photo on the right.
Flowers can be a nice addition to a room but too much can be overpowering as in the wallpaper on the left. Sometimes less is more. See how the warm shade of Asiago transformed this kitchen with just a few touches of flowers here and there.


Before After
Floral Walls are too Busy Nuetral Colors for Backdrop
The wall treatments themselves should never overpower the people and the fine furnishings. Remember the walls are just the backdrops in our lives. This flowery patterned wall paper made the space seem cluttered. After the areas were painted with a solid color the place seemed more open and airy. Even the furniture and cabinents seemed to improve with the freshly painted walls.   Neutral solid colored walls make a nice backdrop allowing the things you decorate with or the people in your lives take on more prominence.  If your walls are neutral you can choose most any color to accent with. Since the rooms were joining we used all three colors on the LOWES sample card  # 6005-1 with the livingroom being the darkest Smoked Oyster, then the dinningroom the next color Oatlands Subtle Taupe and lastly the kitchen the lightest color Asiago. You cannot go wrong when you stick to the same color card because all the colors are of the same hue so they will work together.



Hate those ugly strips they put on joints in mobile homes?

Here is how to do away with them so you can have a smooth finished wall.


Mobile Home Trims

Mudding Joints


  1. Use a flat tool such as a spatular or puddy knife to gently remove the long strips.
  2. Then hammer the remaining small nails into the seam.
  3. With a wide puddy knife to apply joint compound to bridge the gap if there is one
  4. When compound is dry sand it smooth
  5. A second layer of puddy may be necessary if wall is uneven
  6. Roll a cheap base coat over all the puddied and sanded seams
  7. Paint a base coat over the entire wall
  8. Now you are ready to paint your chosen color for the room
Priming edges Priming edges

Priming Wall

What are the Benfites of using a Base Coat before painting?

  1. Base Coat paints are cheaper whereas customed blended colors cost a great deal more so you will save money on paint.

  2. You will not have to paint so many layers of exspensive paint to cover the color or pattern below.

  3. The Base Coat will absorb the dry spots of mudded joints and wall repairs so they will not show through your paint color leaving your painted surface smooth and shiny throughout.

  4. Base Coats are white so you can paint your trims and moldings first saving you time from having to going back to paint the trims and molding later.


Additional Painting Tips

It is always best to have an empty room when you want to paint a room but sometimes that is not possible if you are already living in the home.  Cover your furniture with plastic or use old sheets. Sometimes hotel will have old sheets they want to part with. Many times I have called hotels and asked it they had old sheets they would like to get rid of. I have used them for sewing projects and painting projects such as pictured below.

Painting a Living Space
 With the furniture covered you still have access to it's use while working on the room.

Painting a Living Space Painting a Living Space
 Use sheets to cover furniture while sanding
Recruit the children to help

Painting a Living Space Painting a Living Space
 Pull furniture away from walls Sometimes the need for artistic expression cannot help itself.



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