bod Preserving Mom's Old Recipe Book

Preserving Mom's Old Recipe Book

Posted by Debra Carmona on 21 January 2012 | Add a Comment

Mom's Old Recipe Book


I've had this recipe book for over twenty years. It's pages are worn, torn, taped, stained, and an absolute mess. I've made edits and rewrites as needed to make adjustments to my recipes so there are crossed out items and scribbles and notes in different colored inks. Some of the ink has faded and it is getting hard to read. There are spills and bits of food on it's pages and binding from all these years of cooking in the kitchen. Oh, my goodness what germs might be lurking there. Yes, I think it's time to retire the old book.


So out with old and in with the new. Now I see why there is a growing online trend for people sharing their cooking recipes. We can throw away the old dirty books that collected dust, oils and who knows what. Instead of making sloppy edits on the pages I can make clean edits online keeping my recipes clean all the time and with pretty pictures, perfecting them as I go. What a revolutionary idea!

Mom's Old Recipe Book

I love the idea of reducing the amount of stuff in my life especially paperwork. Over the past few years I have been finding more ways to use the Internet as a valuable asset to enrich my life. It is a place to record your family history in genealogy trees, edit and save all your valuable family photos, copies of orginal art, store your favorite recipes for safe keeping. A friend of mine recently suffered a house fire losing everything including those irreplaceable things such as family treasured photos and art work. The only things she was able to keep were what she had previously posted online such as photos of her dear grandfather that had recently passed. Storing information online creates a permanent record and makes it easy to share with family and friends.  It is also a great way to pass on to the next generation those things of value. Facebook, Kodak, Flicker, Google+, Piccassa are just a few locations where you can save those irreplaceble photos and these site make it easy to share with whomever you choose. I am on a mission to simplify my life by reducing the amount of stuff cluttering up my space that I have to shuffle or dust off.


Mom's Old Recipe Book
Mom's Old Recipe Book
Editing a recipe used to be messy
Not very pretty is it?

The Internet is a very functional and useful part of my world and that is what the website is all about. Posting online is a whole new way to leave something behind to the next generation. With each recipe I record one more peice of paper is tossed into the garbage can. Now when I cook I use this website. When I see an edit or an adjustment that needs to be made to the recipe to make it better or more clear it can be done simply without making a mess and for all those visual people the photos can be helpful to find and understand the instructions. I am also working on videos to add greater clearity of instructions for specific instructions that are best seen in action. What a marvelous thing the Internet is!


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