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Quick Fixes in a Pinch

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Here is a collection of simple solutions or quick fixes for when you do not have the right tools, or lack the funds to pay for repairs. If there is a will, there is a way to get the job done. DIY solutions to save you money.

What do you do when you do not have a can opener?

Fix-it-Mom Solution

Sometimes you pack for a job even remembering to bring along some easy food to fix but, you forget to bring the can opener. So you are left with no choice but to make due with what you do have. Well, maybe you have not made that mistake but I certainly have. These are the three tools I used to open the can. Primitive I know but hey it got the job done. I just had to be careful of the sharp edges. I used the hammer to drive the knife into the can's edge like a wedge. After I cut enough around the edge I used the pliers to bend the lid back.

How to heat up foods contained in a plastic bag such as frozen foods without a microwave?

Fix-it-Mom Solution

A double boiler would do the job if you have one but if not try making one like this. I used two pans close in size one fitting just inside the other. To keep the top from tipping I taped some ceremic tiles between them. But do not forget they will get hot.

  • Add water to the bottom pan
  • Place the plastic bag in the top pan
  • cover and boil


What to Do if You Do Not Have a Sifter?


Some recipes ask you to sift ingredients together before mixing with wet ingredients. What can you do if you do not have a sifter?  I miss my old sifter that had a handle that rotates. I had given it away when my husband bought me a new sifter with a pull action. Then one day he put it in the dishwasher and it never worked the same. Sifters only sift dry ingredients so they never need to be washed or the inside parts will rust. One evening I was making a pound cake trying to sift four cups of flour with this pull lever action and my hands were hurting because I have a little bit of arthritis. I found an easier way to sift the ingredients using a wire strainer which was so much easier.


Fix-it-Mom Solution
Fix-it-Mom Solution
The pull action hurt my hands
This strainer made sifting easy and fast


Video Tutorials by You-Fix-It-Mom

Below are just some of my video helps


How to Hem Jeans Like a Professional

Sometimes when buying jeans you can find the right size waist line but not the right leg length (inseam). You can make due with longer legs because they can be hemmed. I use a special heavy duty thread meant for use with denium. I want to have the same finshed welt edge you see on the bottom of jeans. It is helpful to have the right size needle meant for heavy weight fabrics.  Lighter weight fabrics I would normaly iron the hem flat but denium is a thick fabric that does not iron as flat as I need it to get under the sewing machines presserfoot. So my special tool is a hammer. Besides for deniun it is good to have a slightly roughed up edge. I show you in the video below how to get a hem that looks as good as the hem from the factory.


How to Fix Mistakes When Peicing a Quilt

Because well, sometimes we all make mistakes every now and then so it is good to know how to tackle those problems. For more helps, tips, and instruction on quilt making see DIY Design Your Own Quilt


Repairing Small Holes in the Floor

Sometimes when doing home repairs you have small challenges such a filling holes in the floor frm previous plumbing or accidents. Well here is a clever video that some men have even told me is brilliant or genius. Ha ha, even I can teach men a few tricks.


How to Repair Christmas Lights

Every year I pull out the strings of Christmas lights and there always seem to be some string that don't work, or are only half working. I am one who does not like to just toos them in the garbage so here are some tips in how to fix those strings to get more use of the strings without having to  go out and buy new ones.


How to Patch Small Holes in the Wall

When there is no support behind the sheetrock it is not so easy to patch a hole so here is a way to add reinforcement so that the job gets easier. In this video I needed to move an outlet.


How to Clean the Birdbath

I am doing my best to live my life without using harmful chemicals. I enjoy watching birds visit the birthbath but after a while it gets pretty nasty so I do have to clean it out periodically. I would not want to accidently poison the birds so here is a non-chemical way to clean the bird bath so you can continue to enjoy those beautiful birds.


How to Fix The Window Screens From Falling Off

Just when the weather was getting warmer so that I could open the windows and allow some spring fresh air into the house the screens started falling off the windows. The screens themselves were perfectly fine but the cheap construction with plastic corners were falling apart. The hot sun eventualy dry rots the plastic causing them to crack, crumble, and fall off. I did not need to replace the entire screen just needed to hold the frame together. I was able to fix the problem with large paperclips.


How to Pick up Dropped Stitches When Knitting

Sometimes when knitting you accidently drop a few stitches. They slide of your needle and may even drop a few rows below your current row. You do NOT have to unravel all the way back to that row. Here is a quick solution using a crochet hook.





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