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Remodeled Kitchen

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Old Kitchen

The former kitchen was too small to work with. The location of the old kitchen situated between the dinning room and the den added to its inefficiency to allow for traffic to pass between rooms. Traffic cut the room in half. The corner cabinets were difficult to get into. The stove was too close to the sink sharing the same standing place so only one person at a time to could effectively work in the kitchen.  There was a single above counter cabinet tucked away in the corner. Having a shelf running around the room did give some extra storage space. Overall it was a poorly planned kitchen. I cannot believe the previous owner lived this way for eleven years with a family of six children. You can see from the photo on the right there was no stove vent as well. Kitchens with no stove vent tend to collect an oily film on the walls, cabinets, and ceiling making for a dirty kitchen. So,  I decided to give myself a more effective working space by swapping rooms. The den became the location for the new kitchen and the old kitchen became the den. After we cleared out all the contents of the den we began working on the new kitchen. We did not tear out the old kitchen until the new kitchen was fully functional.


New Kitchen

Wow! What a transformation. Finally I had counterspace to work more effectively and easily accessible storage space above and below plus a decorative stove vent hood. The corner cupboards have lazy suzans that turn so no more frustrating moments searching for items. The new kitchen could have one person cooking at the stove, one at the sink in the middle and another at the baking center to the right and nobody would be in anyone elses space. As I was designing this kitchen I was thinking of how the space would be used and what I would store where.


Even though we added all new upscale appliances I chose an old traditional style for the cabinets to match  the look and feel of the old house. I decided to keep with neutral colors off-white & black with stainless steal appliances so if I wanted to bring different accent colors to change with the seasons or holidays that would be a quick easy change with no major overhaul. I continued the Victorian crown moulding around the stove vent hood after this picture was taken.


The small space between the stove vent hood and cabinets was too small for another set of cabinets so I added an open shelf for style. It's called a spice rack but I used it more as a decorative touch. My husband ran stove pipe up through the hood into the ceiling and my son connected the roof top vent . Because there is a window next to the stove I did not want to have long flowing curtains to create a fire hazard so I decided to go with a valance only.


The cabinets around the refrigerator are deep both top and bottom for added storage space. So that became my food storage location where I store my bulk items. It seemed like a good idea to bring them out even with the over the frig cabinets since it would also house the large refrigerator/freezer. The above freezer cabinets holds my large baking pans and large roasting pots. The lower cabinent has two pull out shelves so there is no need to dig into the deep space. It is not a large kitchen but I have made good use of the space in it.

This corner is my baking center. Finally my dream come true a double oven set up so I could bake all the pizza pies at once or on the holiday put a ham in one oven and the turkey in the other oven. If I want to serve hot out of the oven dinner rolls to go with the main meal I could now do that with two ovens. I do a lot of bulk cooking and freeze foods so this kitchen was planned to have an additional freezer to match how we live.  The pizza pans are stored in the pull out drawer under the ovens.





Buying  a ready built stove vent hood can be exspensive so I designed mine own. I purchased the trims and hired a carpenter friend to build it for me. He measured the destination where the hood would go and the fan that would go into it which I had already purchased.


I added the decorative element then painted the hood with a matching color as my purchased cabinets.

 Painted hood
Painting the Details

I painted the crevices of the molding and decorative element to match the dark glaze on the kitchen cabinets. I did the same thing for the shelf sconses that would be added underneath the hood for the style and look and I wanted. I got this custome hood for around $150. If I had purchased one prebuilt it would have cost me in excess of $1,000. It realy does pay to do as much work yourself as you can plus it give you the satisfaction of a job well done.


The Finishing Touches

I chose to have my cabinets go all the way up to the ceiling so that I could finish it off with Victorian crown molding. It just seems like a waste having a space above the cabinets for another place to collect dust plus is gave me more counter space.


The shelf was added between the cabinets merely for decoration. It also helped to frame my chosen valance. Red is one of my favorite colors so I chose that as my accent color. The curtain valance added a sort of French Provincial look. I am a classical girl so I wanted a few classical touches. Roses are a classic that are always approriate so I added this swag above the kitchen entryway.

Touch of France
Decorative Touches

Keeping with my red and black color sceme I picked up these plates and plate rack to fill an empty space on the wall.  To continue to incorporate my colors I added the flowers to the mirror and could not resist the nearly matching key holder to be next to the door leading outside.

It took me a while to find the perfect Bistro Table set. The stone work of this one's top had the old appeal I was looking for while not being too big plus the colors in the stone matched the multicolors in my tiled floor. I wanted some sort of an island but needed to be small enough to fit the space so as not to make the kitchen crowded.  When placing an island in the kitchen allow for a minimum of 36 inches of room around.

The last addition to my floorplan became the favorite hangout for the family for breakfast, lunch or snack times, hanging with friends or quiet time reading or surfing the net.


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