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Remodeling Bathrooms

Bathroom Remodeling Projects


With each bathroom project there was a problem to overcome or an objective to achieve. One bathroom needed a space to keep linens because the house did not have a linen closet. In our fast paced world most of us take showers rather than baths so we removed tubs and replaced them with showers. One bathroom had a seriously rotten floor that needed repair. Sometimes more space was needed. In another a closet needed to be enlarged. When doing your own home remodeling project you make the space work for your purposes. Below is a preview of the various bathrooms I have remodeled or restyled for my benefit. Click on the links to see more details and pictures of those projects.

Bathroom Remodeling #1

Replace Tub With a Ceramic Tile Shower Stall

We remodeled two bathrooms in our big home remodeling project. By doing it ourselves we saved a lot of money and got two nicer bathrooms with real tile instead of the cheap faux tile board that was there previously. We also made better use of the space in each of the bathrooms. The upstairs bath had slanted ceiling as you can see from the pictures below on one side a tub the other a sink. We desired a shower instead of a tub and needed more storage space for the linens. Our Do-it-yourself projects met our objectives.


This is a humorous photo of my son, my bathroom contractor. I forgot to take a photo before we started on the project. I had to make a quick run to Lowes for supplies. When I came back there was this photo and other interesting photos on my camera. We removed the tub to build a shower stall. Who has time to take a bath anymore. It had that outdated cornflower blue fake tile and hardwood floors. When we moved in there was carpeting that smelled bad. It is never wise to have carpeted bathrooms because they retain dirt and odors. At first we painted the wood floors until we had money to really do something with this room.
The new bathroom has all neutral colors and fuly tiled. I like nuetral colors for a backdrop because it affords you to accent with any color you choose. (Nuetral colors are any shade of : white, black, brown, or gray) The odd spaced tub area is now a 3' x 5' shower stall. We mounted a hand held shower head since the slanted ceiling did not allow a fixed shower head high enough. The right side has cabinents to fill the entire space giving us a larger vanity countertop and more storage space underneath plus a tall linen closet. Oh, yes, that is my spoiled cat, she likes to drink fresh water from the sink.

We could not bring the shower all the way to the wall as it would run into the door so it left a space. The remaining space between the wall and shower gave us a narrow but deep space for more linen storage. The pull out baskets can add color accents as well as be functional storage for more linens or toiletries. Below is just enough space for the laundry hamper.
We decided to tile all the way up the wall including the ceiling so the entire space was waterproof. Boys can get messy. Being an upstairs bathroom we did not want to take any chances of ever having a water leak.

Making Smart Use of Space

Here is an example of how we transformed the bathroom making better use of the same space. The old bathroom had no linen closet.  We added in the linen closet with doors to hide the unsightly piles of linens so if the boys were not so neat, nobody would know it.

Before After

 Old bathroom with wasted space.
New bathroom making good use of space.

Other Projects Done with this Bathroom

  1. Removed carpet
  2. Removed fake wall tile
  3. Changed out vanity to a wider vanity and sink
  4. Installed a linen closet
  5. Relocated outlet
  6. Added an over the sink light
  7. Replaced mirror with a new one
  8. Tiled foor
  9. Installed new toilet
  10. Built new shower stall
  11. Tiled shower walls and slanted ceiling
  12. Built extra storage shelves

See more of this project


Convert Closet into a Shower Stall

Bathroom Remodeling #2

We relocated the sink from this corner (above photo) to the other side of the room (photo on right) since we were expanding the bathroom. I kept the colors soft and muted since it is a small bathroom plus I wanted an old look and feel to the room. This bathroom is oddly situated between a bedroom and the diningroom so it has door on both ends allowing passage through. There was not a good place to put a toilet paper hanger so I placed this shelf here to store the goods.
I chose the fountain sink style for two reasons. One, because it gave us more leg room since the toilet is nearby. We were not able to relocate the toilet so had to modify our original plans. Two, the fountain style adds to the old fashioned look I was striving for in keeping with the overall old feel of the whole house.  The place where the sink now stands used to be a small tub and shower. There was so little space to even dry yourself with a towel so we were always bumping our elbows or knocking things over.


Expanding a Small Bathroom

By Converting a Closet into a Shower Stall

Our home remodeling project of moving the kitchen to a new location made a closet space that had previously served as a pantry now available as a shower stall. The closet was on the other side of the bathroom wall. We closed up the door space and opened up the opposite side of the closet making it accessible to the bathroom.

Convert Closet to Shower Convert Closet to Shower
Closing up what was once a kitchen pantry closet.
This shower stall used to be a pantry closet.

We used the Kerdi shower system to build this elegant shower. Click on the link below to see more of the process how we built this beautiful shower.

Building a Shower Stall Building a Shower Stall
The Kerdi System comes with a shower curb made of foam which we tiled around. We opted to have the bronze trimwork in all the corners of the shower stall because it gives it a clean neat look. I really liked the white grout we bought from the tile store rather than any grout we got from Lowes. The new shower stall is behind the door on the right. The bathroom is on the other side of the shower wall. You can see the toilet. Now the half bath had become a full bath.

With a small space I did not want a shelf sticking out to bump into so I built the shelf into the wall. I had fun playing with the left over tiles peices to create a design.

Built-in-wall shower shelf Convert Closet to Shower
 Here is my customized built in shower shelf. I repeated the chair rail design that I used in the adjoining bathroom. The small tile on the back of the shelf is the same tile that I used on the floor of the shower.
 The finished shower is big enough for two people. Having the built in shelf meant more elbow space because you are not bumping into a protruding shelf.  I used the previous electrical lighting to have a water tight light installed in the shower that I ordered special.

Other Projects Done with this Bathroom

  1. Repaired water rotted floor, replaced floor joists, put down new sub floor
  2. Laid down ceramic tile on floor
  3. Converted closet into new shower stall using Kerdi Shower system
  4. Built an in-the-wall shelf inside the shower
  5. Installed a water proof light inside shower stall
  6. Removed small tub
  7. Relocated Bathroom mirror & added decorative trim
  8. Installed a pedestal sink
  9. Added new outlet for new vanity area
  10. tiled walls with tiles set on corner for diagonal lines
  11. Relocated a door to expand bathroom area, built new door frame


See more details and photos of this project



Bathroom Remodeling Project #3

This project has lots of great photos and several video tutorials show special projects done.

Expanding a Walk-in Closet

The main objective with this project was to make my walk-in closet bigger. The room also has a separate shower stall so really the tub was uneccessary. My husband helped me removed the garden tub which was only taking up space. We hardley used it because it was shallow and uncomfortable. That allowed me to relocate the closet door and expand the width of my closet. By the time I was finished the whole bathroom took on a new style and has become my favorite place in the house because it reflects my style.

Before After
Previous Garden Tub Area Previous Garden Tub Area

Painted Walls vs. Printed Walls

Another objective was to get rid of the flowery printed walls with a simplier painted wall. I prefer solid colors as a backdrop so the decor can stand out better. The color of this bathroom/dressingroom/closet is the same color as the adjoining master bedroom Birchwood White. It almost has a slight pinkish peach tone. I chose that color so that I could decorate with burgundy accents. The new room with white trims and white cabinets has a very soft pleasing feel sort of makes me think of peaches and cream. Having extra space in the new dressing area I could place a small comfy chair and enjoy the soft morning light. It makes a great place to sit and read or do a little needle work, my quiet retreat.

Before After
Previous Vanity Area Remodeled Vanity Area
Vanity Before
Vanity After

Other Projects Done in this Bathroom/Dressing Room

  1. Enlarged the walk-in closet
  2. Created a dressing area
  3. Changed the color of the cabinets (painted them)
  4. Built an in the wall make up shelf
  5. Painted a faux marble floor in dressing room
  6. Added a back mirror to aid in hair styling
  7. Added a magnifying mirro for makeup application
  8. sewed new curtains
  9. Added Victorian, Parisian, New York decor for the final touches

With this project I created several videos to show you how I achieved the task at hand. To see them click on the link below.

See more photos, videos and details of this project



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