bod Replace Tub With Tiled Shower

Replace Tub With Tiled Shower

Replace Tub With Tiled Shower

In this project we removed the tub and built a ceramic tiled shower stall instead. The location of this bathroom was upstairs with slanted ceilings on both sides. It had a carpeted floor and fake tiled wall boards and no storage for linens nor was there any nearby linen closet.

Bathroom Remodeling Project #1

We remodeled two bathrooms in our big home remodeling project. By doing it ourselves we saved a lot of money and got two nicer bathrooms with real tile instead of the cheap faux tile board that was there previously. We also made better use of the space in each of the bathrooms. The upstairs bath had slanted ceiling as you can see from the pictures below on one side a tub the other a sink. We desired a shower instead of a tub and needed more storage space for the linens. Our Do-it-yourself projects met our objectives.


This is a humorous photo of my son, my bathroom contractor. I forgot to take a photo before we started on the project. I had to make a quick run to Lowes for supplies. When I came back there was this photo and other interesting photos on my camera. We removed the tub to build a shower stall. Who has time to take a bath anymore. It had that outdated cornflower blue fake tile and hardwood floors. When we moved in there was carpeting that smelled bad. It is never wise to have carpeted bathrooms because they retain dirt and odors. At first we painted the wood floors until we had money to really do something with this room.
The new bathroom has all neutral colors and fuly tiled. I like nuetral colors for a backdrop because it affords you to accent with any color you choose. (Nuetral colors are any shade of : white, black, brown, or gray) The odd spaced tub area is now a 3' x 5' shower stall. We mounted a hand held shower head since the slanted ceiling did not allow a fixed shower head high enough. The right side has cabinents to fill the entire space giving us a larger vanity countertop and more storage space underneath plus a tall linen closet. Oh, yes, that is my spoiled cat, she likes to drink fresh water from the sink.

We could not bring the shower all the way to the wall as it would run into the door so it left a space. The remaining space between the wall and shower gave us a narrow but deep space for more linen storage. The pull out baskets can add color accents as well as be functional storage for more linens or toiletries. Below has just enough space for the laundry hamper.
We decided to tile all the way up the wall including the ceiling so the entire space was waterproof. Boys can get messy. Being an upstairs bathroom we did not want to take any chances of ever having a water leak.  With the slanted ceiling we could not mount the shower head any higher so we chose to use this one with a long hose.

Making Smart Use of Space

Here is an example of how we transformed the bathroom making better use of the same space. The old bathroom had no linen closet. The boys were never good about keeping the shelf looking neat. We added in the linen closet with doors to hide the unsightly piles of linens so if the boys were not so neat, nobody would know it. We also expanded the sink counter filling up the remaining space and giving us more storage underneath.  We had to relocate an outlet to a higher position which also made it possible to add an over the sink light drawing power from the outlet on the same circuit.

Before After

 Old bathroom with wasted space.
New bathroom making good use of space.

I need to add that my 19 year old son did this bathroom all by himself. I made all the decisions on materials, color, style and location but he did all the work. He stripped out the old stuff, took out the tub, built the new shower stall, measured cut, and laid the tile, installed the toilet, vanity and cabinets. If he can do a job like this without any more training and experience than what I told him to do, you can also remodel your bathroom. It really is not that difficult. It took some time and there were challenges along the way. We had to ask lots of questions, seek advice, and shop for materials. My son learned from the experience and is now confident that he could do this on his own in the future. We were at Lowes one day and he was looking at pictures of a bathroom design with a deep tub enclosed in tile. He said, "I could build that. I know how to do it." This is what can be gained by putting your own hand to the work. I am proud of my son's work and yes, I paid him for his time. Even in paying him I am sure we saved lots of money on labor costs had we hired a contractor to do it for us.

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