bod Reuse, Recyle, Repurpose

Reuse, Recyle, Repurpose

Repurposing Is the New Trendy Way To Go     


It would be nice if we all had lots of extra cash laying around but for many of us that is not the case so when I am faced with a problem, a need, or a challenge I usually begin examining what materials I have on hand first.  As nice as it would be to just go shopping for new materials it is even more satisfying to save money and Reuse, Recyle, or Repurpose what we already have on hand or can easly get cheap at yard sales and second hand shops. I love the principle of recycling things and find it quite fun to find creative ways to use old items for a new purpose. Repurposing items has actually become a popular and trendy activity. Pinterest is filled with all sorts of those ideas. If we can use what we have on hand that means less junk cluttering up our home, attic, garage, and back yard or less junk to haul off to the garbage and less trash filling up our landfills.


They say, "One man's trash is another man's treasure."

By turning cast off items into something useful they become treasures of sorts. That sort of reminds me of what God has done for "whosoever" that will accept God's free gift of Salvation that is through Jesus Christ. "For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; being justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus." Romans 3:23-24  In our natural state we are all condemned sinners but by the grace of God we can be redeemed and be forgiven of our sins and therefore be saved from the eternal judgment of Hell.


I like the idea of redemption. We can redeem those cast off items and find new and creative uses for them rather than cluttering up our world with unwanted trash. Reusing, Recycling, and Repurposing is the responsible thing to do and it makes us better stewards of our planet and our immediate surroundings. Repurposing also saves us money because we will be spending less so therefore will have more money to be put to a better use if we are wise.


Here is a Collection of Items That I Have Found New Uses for:


In the Garden

Use a Spring Mattress as a Garden Trellis

Cucumber Growing  on Spring Mattress Cucumber Growing  on Spring Mattress
Spring Matress makes a good garden trellis for cucumbers
The cucumbers climbed all over the spring mattress
Cucumber Growing on Spring Mattress
Cucumber Growing on Spring Mattress
Plus it made a lovely display. I planted zucchini at the base in front of the cucumber plants and added marigolds to attract bees and keep away mosquitoes.
Just make sure they grow straight hanging down and not in a difficult place to pick when mature.


Use a Chain Link Gate as a Trellis

Garden Gate as Cucumber Trellis

Last year I used a chain link fence gate because it was all I had. Because it was at an angle it was not the best trellis so I had to help the cucumber plants by adding string to get the plants to climb up to the gate.
 Chain Link Gate as a Trellis
Garden Gate as Cucumber Trellis Garden Gate as Cucumber Trellis
 The plants wrap around the string to help them climb.
Cucumber and Zucchini Raised Bed 



Use Strips of Panty Hose to Support Tomato Plants

Pantyhose to Support Tomato Plants
My tomato plants grew ten feet tall and gave me lots of tomatoes. The tomatoes get heavy and could cause the main stem to bend over choking off life so they need to be tied to support stakes. Sometimes string can cut into the plant as it grows whereas strips of pantyhose will strentch as the plant grows. Besides who wears pantyhose anymore.


For the Bride

Use old Brooches and jewelry to create a unique and beautiful bouquet for the bride to keep.

Brooch Bouquet
 Bride's Bouquet made from brooches, and other jewelry donated by friends and family.
Watch a Video Tutorial on how it is made and get the story behind the Brooch Bouquet.





In the Yard


Old bricks from burned down house Door Frame Edger
The bricks from this path came from a house that had been burnt down with permission from the owner of the property of course.
A metal door frame as an edge to the brick path to keep the rain from washing away the sand since the bricks are not cemented in place.
Winding Brick Path
Rather than using new bricks I love the look and character of old bricks with varying colors and even some chipped and cracked ones. This design can be used in straight rows or curved paths.  A nearby neighbor had a brick house burn up in a fire with only a pile of bricks left. I asked if I could take some of the bricks. The boys helped me haul off the bricks and I had fun doing different things with them.


In the Studio



Toilet Paper Pencil Caddy

Toilet Paper Pencil Caddy
 Empty toilet paper rolls cut in half, painted, then glued to a peice of foamcore as a color pencil caddy. It looks colorful, keep colors organized, and is very functional for the artist.
 Simple art supply caddy made with cut empty toiletpaper holders. Cut different lengths to hold the pencils, dusting brush, smudging stumps, kneaded erasers, and pencil sharpener.

Holiday Storage

Crosant Containers to store bulbs Muffin Containers to store bulbs
 Large containers from Costco reused to store Christmas bulbs. They also fit very nicely in these Rubbermaid tubs.
Muffin container to store glass Christmas bulbs safely
Stringed Light Storage

Use out dated catalogs rolled up to keep your stringed lights from getting tangled while in storage.


In the Kitchen


Kitchen Pantry Storage
I got tired of plastic containers that over time looked cruddy and started cracking and falling apart so decided to change over my pantry to all glass containers.
Kitchen Pantry Storage
Most of the jars I found at second hand shops and yard sales.
Kitchen Pantry Storage
It does not matter if they are all different shapes and sizes.

Kitchen Pantry Storage

See Video Tutorial about applying labels to glass jars in such a way to prevent the stickers from peeling off.

I keep the flour jar on the counter where I work because it is heavy and I do not want to have to move it or carry it anywhere. The other jars are in the cubbards above my work space. Most of the time I only have to lift a lid. The smaller jars I take down when I need an ingredient.

For the Chickens

Shed Converted to Chicken Coop

     See Video of how I Converted a Tool Shed into a Chicken Coop with very little cost or work.

I repurposed a tool shed into a Chicken Coop when we moved into the new house because I didn't have the energy or time to build a new coop after having just moved. So this was a simple solution for us at the time.
Mini Chicken Coop

 After we tore out the old kitchen cabinents to be replaced by new cabinets I decided to convert this unit into a mini Chicken Coop for my new babies. That way the young chicks will be separate from the older hens so they do not get picked on yet they will get familiar with each other over the months as the young ones are growing up. The young chicks have their own private access to thier own outside pen.  See video to learn more about how I used this mini coop to introduce the young chicks to the older flock.

Chicken Coop Storage
I know it may seem funny to have kitchen cabinents inside the chicken coop but rather than toss out the cabinets I found ways to reuse them. This one serves two purposes in the coop. It gives me a place to store some of the extra chicken gear such as baby chick feed, heat lamps, extra feeders, etc. Plus it prevent the chickens from sleeping above the nesting boxes making a mess of them with their droppings.
Chicken Dirt Bath
Chickens love to dirt bathe. They dig a hole into the dirt and with their wings throw dirt over their backside working the dirt in through their feathers. This helps to keep bugs off them. I used this old tire filled with sand inside their chicken pen for their dirt bath.

For the Utility Room or Workshop

Door Frame Tool Organizer







What to do with an odd space. After a big home remodeling project there were the remains of a door frame where once was a passage way into the old kitchen. We had relocated the kitchen and closed up the wall on the other side. So, we decided to turn this odd space into a tool organizer. After insulating the space we hung peg board so we could organize our tools. It made an otherwise dead space into a useful space.


Paint & Tool Organizer
The old kitchen cabinets with doors removed made a great place to store my paints and tools for the workshop.

Decorations For the House

Upscale Old Frames Upscale Old Frames
Turn Yard sale finds into upscale frames. Tutorial on how to Upscale old frames
Decopauge Heart Box Decopauge Heart Box
 This heart shape box was missing a cover so I bought it at a cheap price then made my own cover. I lined the box with old wall paper and painted the outside.
The box is decorated with paint, cut up art from an old calendar and applied with decoupage glue for that Victorian look. I also glued some flat lace around the outside edge of the box and the lid.
Mop Doll
Shell Heart
This doll is made from a mop head, an unused one. I designed this Victorian doll and hand painted her lovely face. The hair is made with yarn.
Here is a creative way to display all those sea shells you've collected from the beach.  After covering the cardboard heart with fabric trimmed with lace I hot glued sea shells mixed with pot potpourri so it looks great and smells good.

For the Children



For the Husband



For the Family Pets





More items will be added over time so do check back for more creative ideas on Repurposing, Recycling, or Reusing what might have become just more trash cluttering our world.  Live Responsibly.


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