bod Salmon Loaf

Salmon Loaf

Salmon Loaf

Made with a loaf of home baked bead this loaf is layered with salmon and tuna fish covered in creamed cheese. It would make a lovely entre for a ladies luncheon or a speical occasion to add a touch of elegance to a light lunch.

Salmon Loaf


This loaf of homemade bread has been dressed up with layers of salmon and tuna covered with creamed cheese. It makes for a special lunch and very delicious too. This recipe takes the fish sandwich to a whole new level fit for a lady.


Loaf of bread Loaf of bread
Start with a loaf of homemade bread
Slice horizonataly

Recipe For Salmon Loaf

Start with a homemade loaf of bread See Recipe for Homemade Bread.

Set your creamed cheese out on the counter to soften while you are preparing the fish below.

  • After bread has cooled to room temperature slice horizontaly into four or five layers.
  • Drain the juice from a can of Salmon
  • Drain the juice from a can of Tuna fish
  • Mix mayonaise into each of the Salmon and tuna
  • Alternate the Salmon mix and Tuna mix between layers of the bread
  • With a smooth knife cover the entire loaf with a layer of creamed cheese.

Salmon Loaf Decorated

Decorations (optional)

Save 1/4 - 1/2 cup of the creamed cheese for the decorative accents. You may want to keep that part of the creamed cheese in the refrigerator so that it will not be too soft otherwise your decorations might just slide of the loaf especially if it is a warm day.

  • Divide the creamed cheese into how many colors you desire for your decorations
  • Add food coloring of your choice to each bowl of creamed cheese
  • Use cake decorating tools to ornate your loaf however your heart desires. I just did a simple design on my loaf but it you want to be more elaborate go right ahead. I guess it will depend on how much time you want to put into it and the ocasion for which you are making this loaf.

Salmon Loaf slice


Cover and store in refrigerator until time to serve. Make verticle slices to serve. This loaf will keep for up to three days in the refrigerator if covered. I use a large inverted bowl to cover it. If taking to an event you could do it up the day before the event.


Video Tutorial in Making a Salmon Loaf





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