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Decorative Storage

A collection of ribbons, a storage of buttons, craft items, costume accessories, hand puppets, and hats are stored in these pretty boxes. By themsleves the contents would make this space look cluttered and messy but containing them in decorative boxes can turn all that clutter into something beautiful.

Use Decorative Boxes to Hide the Clutter

Shelves can be useful places to store things and they can be turned into a decorative focal point. A shelf can be placed over a door, over a mirror, on the wall over a toilet or over a table to be both functional and decorative.

Hat Boxes to HIde Clutter

These hat boxes over my dressing mirror keep my hair curlers, hair accessories and other miscellanious items. The color and style of the boxes match my decor yet make the items easy to access. They are not too high for me to reach up and pull them down. The shelf is held up by decorative wrought iron shelf brackets which adds to the decor.

Hat Boxes to HIde Clutter

Out of season hats, puppets for the grandkids, old love notes, a few craft items, and random costume accessories are hidden inside these pretty boxes. The space is above my closet addition which could not go all the way to the ceiling because of a ceiling fan.  I hate to see wasted space so why not make use of it to store things but do it in an attractive way. So while they hide the clutter they turn my clutter into a beautiful focal point adding more color and decoration to my bathroom/dressingroom area. In these boxes I keep items I do not frequently access because they are placed high and a step stool is required to get them down.

Hat Boxes to Store Infinity Scarfs

Infinity scarfs are all the rage now and such a wonderful accessory. The colorful scarves may look awesome with the right outfit but you may not wish for all those colors to be on display in your dressingroom, bathroom, or bedroom. Try keeping them in decorative hats boxes. The boxes can add a decorative touch to your bedroom, bathroom, closet, or dressingroom while giving you easy access to your favorite scarves.



Glass Jars Make Great Storage Containers

I love glass because it can easily be kept clean or rather it is easy to clean. Over the years I have grown a dislike for plastic because it breaks down over time whereas glass is durable. Fabric covered anything tens to collect more dust and is not see easily kept clean over time so glass containers have become my favorite storage items which can also be a decorative element as well. So when I go yard saling, or to secondhand shops, or thrift stores I am always looking for interesting glass containers to find some purpose for.

Glass Storage For Bathroom

Q-Tips, Bobby pins, cotton balls in glass containers for the powder room.

Silver Hair Accessories

Various size and shaped glasses can store small hair accessories. This is my silver hair accessory shelf. The shot glass is perfect for holding hair pins, Martini glass holds mini clear bands, and a small jar with a lid holds the clear mini clips. Someone who saw this shelf with the formerly used drinking glasses called this my "Hair Bar". Displaying them this way also creates a home decor statement.

Glass Storage in Kitchen Pantry

I think the glass jars look clean and neat even if they are different shapes and sizes plus you can easily see when you are running low of ingredients.

Glass Storage in Kitchen Pantry

Storage Needs to be Functional

Storage does not have to be ugly nor look cluttered. Functional storage needs to solve a problem placing things in the most convenient place for their use. I find life is so much easier to deal with when everything has it's own assigned place. How many times have you been frustrated searching for something that you know you have but you do not know where it is. Organizing your home, office, hobbyroom, bathroom, closet, or garage can remove those frustrations and prevent wasted time searching because you will make it easier for you and your family to find what their looking for. The difficult part is getting the family to put things back in the same place so it will be there when you need it. You may find yourself putting things back often and telling them "This goes here!" but they will eventually get it.


Create a Built-In Shelf Between the Wall Stubs

Built-In Makeup Shelf



This vanity did not have a medicine cabinet or really any space to hold my makeup so I cut a hole in the wall and built a shelf between the stubs. Now my makeup is conveniently located by the vanity mirror plus it looks nice.

Knowing exactly where everything is helps save time when applying my makeup. The magnifying mirror is also strategicaly placed as well. To see how I made this shelf Click Here



If you are in a situation where you do not have the cubbard space a nearby closet or adding shelves on the wall can give you the much needed extra storage.

Same Space Different Uses

During our remodeling project on the new kitchen I had to come up with some creative temporary storage solutions. We needed to empty out the den with the computer desks and books while still able to use them while working on the new kitchen. So we needed to condense our already small kitchen to half it's size allowing the opposite side of the room to serve as the office. Even though this space was quite crowded the wall shelves served me well for all my baking supplies. Since most of the tupperware containers were color cordinated it didn't look too bad either.
After the new kitchen was completed we removed the old kitchen keeping the single cabinet in the corner. I moved into this space with my art supplies. I found the same shelves above my drawing desk served me well by keeping my art supplies handy. The baskets hid the clutter of my art supplies while giving an organized and semi attractive appearance. I added an extra board below the shelf with some hooks to hold my drawing tools.

Unusual Storage Place Can Be An Unused Doorway



This shelf takes up the space that used to be a doorway. When we first moved into the house it was part of a small hallway so we kept books and videos on the shelf. When we expanded the bathroom taking up this space and an adjoining closet that would become a shower stall this shelf became a part of the bathroom. So now it holds toiletries and such.

Create a Tool Organizer From an Unused Doorway

The tool storage organizer was created out of a space that used to be a doorway the led from the back porch to the old kitchen. The porch side had the remaining door frame that looked odd and without purpose so I came up with the idea of turning into something more functional. Now it doesn't seem like such an odd space. The door frame seems to have purpose while giving us easy access to our tools.
On the other side the wall was finished off so that you would not even know there had been a doorway there. My son added some more 2 by 4 for support.
Since the porch had no heat we did not want to get drafts creeping into the house so we sealed of the cracks and seams with duct tape.
Then my husband insulated the space before applying the pegboard.

A Cluttered Area Organized


Every possible space in the new kitchen was used but there was no storage space for the cat and dog food. I did not like the ugly mess of the large colored bags of animal food piled in the corner. I also needed a place for the potato and onion bin so I used the last remaining space in the room between the stove and the refrigerator. I built a window seat to store the animals food underneath the shelf in large rubermaid containers without looking cluttered. Then I secured my potato and onion bins to the wall of the larger cabinet.


My cats and dogs like this window seat. They would often take a nap there or just sit and watch out the window. It also served as an extra seat when we had guests that occupied all the chairs on the bistro table or when we had something on the stove that you needed to be near to keep an eye on.


I hope this gave you some ideas to help solve some of your storage problems. Check back every now and then because I am sure I will be adding more ideas to this page over time. As a first born I am a natural organizer so I am always trying to organize my surroundings to make life easier.

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