bod Winter Wedding Decor

Winter Wedding Decor

Winter Wedding Decorations  

Since my daughter's wedding was to be in December she chose a Winter Wedding Theme for her decorations. She loves the outdoors and nature so she desired to incorporate a lot of natural elements such as trees, pine cones, vines, and branches. We live in the woods so we had easy access to these elements from our own back yard. I had been wanted to thin out the young trees anyway so this gave me a good reason to begin that process plus it saved us money using items we did not have to buy.

Winter Wedding Backdrop

Another added benefit of having a winter wedding prior to Christmas is that you can also take advantage of the church's Christmas decorations. The two green trees on the end and the garland across the vanity wall with lights were the churches decorations. Those that decorated the church, realizing that our wedding was quickly coming up kept the church's Christmas decorations simple with the absence of color such as red which would not work for our particular choice of colors. They did have gold tool at the base of the green trees but we replaced it with white. I have seen a Christmas wedding that used the traditional red and green colors before and it was also a beautiful wedding but my daughter wanted the cool colors of blues, lavenders, and silver.


Winter Wedding Pointsietta Decorations
 We found these Blue Pointsiettas and mixed them with white ones.

Winter Wedding Pew End Decorations Winter Wedding Church Decorations
 We made these Decorations
Church Decorations


Winter Wedding Bride
 Here is the Bride on the Eve of her Wedding


Winter Wedding Natural Arch
I made this arch out of long branches, vines, and twigs from our back yard.


Winter Wedding Silver Tree Winter Wedding Welcome Sign
 Closer Detail of the Silver Tree
Welcome Sign using an Old Window



Reception Hall Decorations

We had made observations of other's weddings picking and choosing the things we like that others had done. My daughter liked how the one reception did not have sit down tables for the guests but rather individual tables about the room where guests would have to mingle with the crowd to go from one table to another to collect some of the foods. The problem with sit down tables is too often people plunk themselves down and stay put conversing with only the people they are most familiar with. Our arrangement encouraged the guests to mingle with others as they moved from one table to another. The refreshments were spread about the room. One table had all the meats, another the drinks, another the veggies and another the sweets with the center table for the cake table. We did place a few chairs on the outside peramiters of the walls to aid families with young children who are less capable of holding their plates while standing.

Winter Wedding Reception Hall
 We decorated the Reception Hall two days before the Wedding

Winter Wedding Decorations Winter Wedding Decorations
 We taped colored beads on the ends of branches
We painted some beads the color we wanted them


Winter Wedding Decorations Winter Wedding Decorations
Silver Glittered Tree
 Entryway into Reception Hall



Table Centerpieces

One thing led to another. We started painting trees with a snow spray then we tried painting trees and branches with silver and white spray paint. Next thing I knew we were painting branches blue and purple. Why not? It went with the colors my daughter wanted. We learned how to glitter, ice, and ornament the trees. We even spray painted black trees and discoverd how glorious they looked with glitter. Much of what we did was purely experimental not even sure what we were doing or how it would all look in the end. It was a fun experiment.

Iced Lavendar Branch Centerpeices
 Lavender Painted branches, iced with Epsom Salt and Modge Podge, arranged with lavender & purple blooms


Winter Wedding Natural Decor Winter Wedding Table Centerpieces

 We used a cotton plant because it looks like snow and a tree made of rope glued to a styrfoam cone, ornamented with beads.

 Black Painted Branches dotted with glitter, with silver icicles in a jar of colored glass beads

Winter Wedding Table Centerpieces Winter Wedding Table Centerpieces
 Ordered this wired tree with built in lights
Silver ball ornament in a blue candy dish


Frosted Centerpeices
Silver & Crystal Centerpeices

Snow Spray Painted branches with

Silver Beads spilling out of a

Frosted Vase

White painted branches the covered them with Modge Podge

and poured Epsom Salt for an iced over look. We arranged the branches

with purchased wire beaded branches


Mini Tree Centerpeices Snowflake Centerpeice
We made this Beaded Tree & Silver Garland Tree
White bulbs, blue & silver snowflakes in a vase with silver leaf sprays



Rehearsal Dinner Table Setting

While decorating the reception hall we also set up and decorated for the rehearsal dinner party. In a seperate room we formed a long table joining several rectangle tables together placing the bride and groom in the center of the arrangement. We also made place cards for the guests mixing up the two families so they could get to know each other. The dinner menu: Garden Salad, Homemade Lasagna, Homemade French Braided Garlic Bread, and Dirt Cake for Dessert. The meal was enjoyed by all. After this meal was done we reuses some of the table decorations for other places in the reception hall or church foyer.

Winter Wedding Rehearsal Dinner


Wedding Gift Favors

To go along with the Winter Theme we thought a packet of instant homemade hot chocolate would be a great gift. Our thinking was that their presence at the wedding warmed our hearts so we would warm them with a cup of hot chocolate. Originally we were going to fill a baby food jar with hot chocolate, and paint the lids, or decorate them with a cloth and a pretty ribbon but the person who was collecting jars had a mishap. Her husband threw away the collection thinking it to be junk. So we found some clear gift bags. The bags were too long so we cut them down to size then sewed the ends together with pretty ribbon to match our color scheme to seal the bags.  The packets have a Thank You Note attached with the link to my Homemade Hot Chocolate Recipe.

Winter Wedding Gift Favor ~ Hot Chocolate




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